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  • I can't believe I actually found you.
    Trieste SP
    Trieste SP
    My semester just ended last week and I'm just taking it easy. I'm also busy setting up for a 3ds local tourney.
    Trieste SP
    Trieste SP
    Also, good luck with the whole youtube thing. I don't watch your videos regularly but they're great from what I've seen. Stay safe.
    Appreciate it man! G'luck on the tourney!
    Hey Undrdog...how are you doing bro? Is it possible that you can train my Pit or give me some great tidbits? I really want to become the next top Pit main, and I'd really appreciate you help. How can I get better with my reads? What should I be using the most to punish w/ Pit? Any other tidbits that would help me become a top player?

    Heey, yeaah, I haven't stepped foot into the AE for the longest time. The good ol' days of the place have gone now, gotten a bit too much for me. :c
    What part of texas do you live in?
    I'm in the Denton/Lewisville area. I'm a Pit secondary.
    It's hard to give good examples. When you play one character a lot, they don't seem to be as flashy to yourself.

    I guess overall, I do a lot of autocanceled aerials and zip around in confusing ways with QAC. It kind just looks like I'm sliding all over the place while throwing out attacks.

    What I like to do most though is footstool people and zip down with QAC, then either QAC lock or jab lock. It's difficult to do and pretty situational, but it's awesome when it happens.

    Sometimes I do weird things for no reason. Like kill somebody off the top with thunder while offstage, then side-b under the stage to the other side and QA back up. There's no point in it, but it's more entertaining than just QAing back to the stage normally.

    Meh, I just play in kind of a stranger way than most I guess.

    The people I play with regularly are probably used to all this junk already, so it's probably not that flashy to them anymore either. :p
    I don't have any vids. >___>

    The only vid I DO have is of my Snake and it's not very good quality. Although I got an awesome kill second stock.

    Snake dittos. My opponent is recovering. I mortar slide over to the edge, C4 stick him, he gets hit up by the mortar, and then I blow up the C4. Ded.

    That's the flashiest thing I have easily accessible on the internet. >___>

    I wish I had a melee video. Those look flashier.
    Invite to All Flash and No Cash plz.

    I'm poor as hell and I like to be flashy with Pikachu.
    Heres to hoping lmao. I'll see what I can do though, I know some peeps that can maybe record a few for me. Lawl, I despise it too man, but it's easy to find other people to play against on there.
    not of my pit no :( of my samus there are a few in the samus vid archive. I lose everytime but both of the others are just plainly better than me or used to be. they are kinda old, if your so curios we could wi-fail it up sometime

    forgot to add that I'll drop a hello to her
    that'd be cool if I did though because I main Pit as well lol, she could prolly teach me sum :) does she have an account here on SWF?
    Hey great Pit I was the guy who used Diddy against you in pools. I hope you can make it to more tournaments, not that I go to many.
    1:3 win ratio yesterday. thats twice as good as i did a week ago. i'll top you one of these days and when that day comes, no johns!
    Ill try, I have never edited a thread by adding a poll before but ill try in like 10 min, just send me all the names you are thinking of.
    Put it in the Pit chat room then, your vid thread (and change the title to include the vote) or toss it in the chat room thread at least. But spam threads need to be closed, and you know it'll be a spam thread very fast. I can't let one stay and close the rest or people will think that I play favs or the rules have changed.
    They best way to make sure your own mine when you are posting on my wall, is to just hit the view convo button and then just type it in that box.

    Anyway the best thing I can tell you is to have it in the pool room, even if I didn't lock it then another mod could. But the pool room would be the place for this, I say Cloud Climbers, if you are both going IC's or at least both play them, but Companion Cubes would be good for any other and wouldn't show who your playing as.
    Silly Undr it makes it much harder for me to see your reply if you post it on your own wall...also if you want I can make a poll for it, asumming its ok to go up.
    It's a vote... On something... But it's about a group of people. Not just me.

    And my feet still suck. But thanks for asking. ^_^
    It says you haven't yet, check again if not ill send it again. Anyway you didn't answer me about the foot thing, and it really matters on the kind of thread...as the staff has been talking about those kinds of threads and if you wanta get technical I shouldn't even allow each person to have a vid thread (but I do so people can get their vids out). Tell me what Kind and ill see.
    So how was your foot thing? Also are you going to join the PBR, I sent you an invite a long time back?
    Undr, is that you who is on Xat? There is this guy on the angel chatroom who is saying that it is you and we all can't tell whether it is an impersonator.....
    Chill chill, i still don't have a "point system" confirmed. When ( i say when EXTREMELY loosely lol) i have one done, i'll post it on the thread.
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