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  • so I guess I will post here about coming to melee on the 19th
    I might also bring a friend. so Stevo and Chris for melee.

    lol I just realised this is probably not a PM.....
    sorry if this was wrong place to post, I have no idea how this **** works. I will try to find a PM link or something..... lol ive been on these boards for like 6 years and I dont know how to PM.
    I wasn't aware of the 'stimulate pressure' method. Now that you mention it, I gave it a go, and I think that will help out for me.

    I must thank you again. Very much. Although, my pictures will take FAR longer than I would hope with the method, it's better than not getting the desired results. VERY appreciated.
    Everyone is changing their avi @_@, its confuzzling me, so ya, Im back, but tired. PM the info I need, all right =D
    Oh wait you have a da page!? would you mind hooking me up with a link so I can watch you, please?
    Is it possible to make a request for me?

    Can you make a Pit dressed in a fairy like costume with a tutu with a trick or treat bag? (sorry that it was 1 day later than Haloweeen)

    It would be very nice.
    All right, I added you, so Ill see you when you come on, mkay ^^ (as long as I dont pass out from this lame day =/)
    Hmm, I see, tell ya what, Ill tell you my problem if you tell me yours (if you got one), just the fact your willing to listen means I can trust you, and that trust would make me want to atleast listen =D (Im a softy for things like this)
    Im sorry, I was caught off guard, did you actually imply you care enough to listen to this nobodies problem?
    *Sigh* Ill see what I can do, but Im in horrible shape atm (Borderline Flu symptons [dont worry I have your controller in a safe place from me] and mentaly...well...I wont go into that infront of you) but with work it makes it very difficult
    Ok, I got a "date" of sorts I gotta take care of (going to see the Astroboy movie...should be decent), but after Ill arrange to get to the south side, how long will it last, the brawling I mean
    Ok, where in south side will you be, I have another house there, so its easy to get to the south side
    Nope, I respect the property of others, I havent touched it once (well minus examining it), and its only so well used because Ive used it since the Wii's launch >_>.

    Be home soon.
    Haha my reputation precedes me ; D.....ah who am I kidding DX. Well Ill see what I can do, of course Ill need his #, but Im not sure if I can make it tonight anyway, my Dads families doing this lame small birthday gathering for someone I dont even know (aka. Nausiating boredom that can kill a man) so since Im home, I gotta weasel out of it, and fast, brb =o
    Hey, sorry I didnt show, I got called into work and they really needed me. Ill come tmrw tho, Ill make sure
    5 huh, from school Im guessing? Alright, Ill try to be there around than, hopefully I can work this out
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