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  • lol Nah it's nothing like that. I've had Ridged Flat Feet from birth. Last year I had surgery done to correct them but the surgery was botched so I'm looking at several more surgeries in the near future.

    And anyway, you'd have to be a real idiot to have cut your foot and get it infected. /nods. By the way, you should PM Jasona and ask him about the subject of infected feet. ^_^
    OH ****! what happened? is weight messing up your feet or did you cut it and get infected? WTF happened?!?!?! Dont die on me. as much as i hate the times you one-up me.....ill miss it. DONT DIE!!!
    Hahaa, not so much these days : s But I'mt rying to, my uni is almost all finished so hopefully I'll have more time to browse around the boards. :]

    How you beeen?
    Undr, I need an opinion from a Pit expert on my Pit. Care to play sometime soon? Preferably the weekend?
    Where have you been, UndrDog? I don't see you around much anymore. ;_; Wherever you are, just remember this: You inspire my Pit like Tudor inspires my Samus. :)
    I agree with what you said in Tudor's thread.

    Some of my Melee friends won't embrace that thinking though >_<
    #1- Just stopping by to show my appreciation for your pit contributions
    #2- Awesome Xellos avatar and sig
    #3-Keep up the good work
    Wow....you do sound like him......amazing lol. Also, thanks for the info about Slayers REVOLUTION. I knew that the fourth season was coming out this year, but I haven't heard anything else. I'll look into it myself later.
    ohh thats ok then thanks pit is really difficult to use lol
    undrdog can you help me out my browl code is 4511-0172-1327 if anyone else would like to add me feel free to also send me yours lol so we can bralw thanks im hella new at this game
    I hope that by additional links you don't more vids, lol

    so nice touch?
    Cause i plan on adding that to all vids.
    What do you use to record? Cap. card, dazzle, gamebridge?

    I'm looking for something but I don't know which would be best to pick.
    hahahaha, i'm not seconding G&W anymore so i changed it, I think i'm gonna b maining Marth, Kirby, and Diddy Kong so i'll keep the sig i have

    I've been losing to Snakes left and right, I've come to the conclusion that a Pro Snake players Rapes Kirby
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