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  • [00:14] <Browny> k need 1 more 5 min song
    [00:14] <ZeroSuitSamus> for what stage son
    [00:14] <Browny> PS1
    [00:14] <ZeroSuitSamus> pokemon theme song
    [00:15] <ZeroSuitSamus> from the tv show
    [00:15] <Browny> IWBTVB?
    [00:15] <ZeroSuitSamus> LNOEW
    [6:08:37 PM] Umby Martin: How were your iced anime crackers?
    [6:08:49 PM] Stockingbandman: I didnt eat the rest
    [6:08:56 PM] Stockingbandman: they're still in my bag.
    [6:08:59 PM] Umby Martin: Hungrybandman.
    [6:09:03 PM] Stockingbandman: Im afraid.
    [6:09:16 PM] Stockingbandman: Lytebandman.
    [6:09:41 PM] Umby Martin: Would shop if I had an image/wasn't tired/planets were aligned.
    [6:10:34 PM] Stockingbandman: They smell like sunflower seeds.
    [6:10:37 PM] Stockingbandman: Thats scary.
    [6:10:51 PM] Stockingbandman: And an hour later
    [6:10:56 PM] Stockingbandman: almost threw up.
    [6:11:21 PM] Umby Martin: Sue.
    [6:11:57 PM] Hungrybandman: The school?
    [6:12:11 PM] Hungrybandman: for having spoiled animal crackers?
    [6:12:19 PM] Hungrybandman: or the company?
    [6:12:43 PM] Hungrybandman: for sneaking sunflowers into their foodstuffs?
    [6:13:57 PM] Umby Martin: Go for broke. Sue both.
    "Guys, I got a good joke. Two Sonics and an Olimar walk into MLG's championship bracket..."
    kitamerby (5:58:39 PM): anyways
    kitamerby (5:58:42 PM): vegas got another touhou player
    kitamerby (5:58:47 PM): that brings the count to 14
    kitamerby (5:58:47 PM): :V
    Alex Wolf (5:59:04 PM): Stop corrupting a city as pure and wholesome as vegas D:
    kitamerby (5:59:07 PM): lmao
    Alex Wolf (5:59:16 PM): I couldn't type that with a straight face
    Kita you know that SL has open applications now? This means you can take as much time as you want to get your wii fixed, etc. so you can apply.
    [21:16] mRBlaZeRZ: Jesus God **** Allah Christ
    [21:16] mRBlaZeRZ: This ****ing soda can top
    [21:16] mRBlaZeRZ: hurt my hand so bad
    [21:16] kitamerby: Ouch
    [21:16] mRBlaZeRZ: Trying to open this ****
    [21:16] mRBlaZeRZ: how the hell did I close it so tight?
    [21:18] mRBlaZeRZ: oh my god just opened it
    [21:18] mRBlaZeRZ: It's like pulling the Z sword
    [21:18] mRBlaZeRZ: rofl
    [21:18] mRBlaZeRZ: hands glowing red and **** lol
    [21:18] kitamerby: LOL
    mRBlaZeRZ: moar pics :I
    Just Kita: of what
    mRBlaZeRZ: of this hoe
    KinzertheBrawler: Aya?
    Just Kita: Aya?
    Just Kita: Same character?
    mRBlaZeRZ: yea y not
    KinzertheBrawler: ? Is it?
    Just Kita: k one sec
    12:10 AM
    Just Kita: 26fc7b35702d983454ef8b39512a0e23.jpg how's this?
    mRBlaZeRZ: .-.
    Just Kita: oh oh oh
    Just Kita: you wanted her nude?
    KinzertheBrawler: Wasn't she already in that picture?
    Just Kita: 66711bf252475635e3d30ea3e6e505ad.jpg
    mRBlaZeRZ: .--------------------.
    mRBlaZeRZ: +__________=
    mRBlaZeRZ: ^ dead calculstor
    mRBlaZeRZ: calculator*
    KinzertheBrawler: HAHAHAHA!
    mRBlaZeRZ: lol

    note to self: trim this up and rehost the images eventually.
    So I was watching Inuyasha and I came across this one line when this dude brought this chick to a wolf den.

    "This woman is off limits and I will kill anyone who tries to take a bite."

    I highly doubt anyone not NB+L~ will get this reference.

    ep 36 if I forget the amazing tone.
    Nice Haunter. My favorite pokemon ever. Next to MissingnNo. of course.
    A Halo Reach Elite. It's taken from the very first Halo Reach trailer at the end, when one suddenly appears from the shadows.
    So you tell me I need a hobby and then proceed to tell me how to have no life?
    I'm not sure what to make of that...

    I think it was better being in the limelight. Made it worthwhile, at least.
    Sorry if that little stunt annoyed you.
    That was probably the most fun I've ever had on SWF outside of social groups.
    Naw, I found it on DA and photoshopped it to my liking.

    I AM good at drawing thought if you have a request or something...? (Not trying to boast or nothing XD)
    dazwA070 3:05 pm
    i don't know
    luckily the rescheduling fee is free
    risemix 3:06 pm
    then how is it a fee
    dazwA070 3:06 pm
    **** you, that's how

    risemix: I got a free TV from this guy today on craigslist
    risemix: and when i got there
    risemix: he asked me for sex
    risemix: i was like WHat is goign ON

    [17:18] risemix: ok
    [17:18] risemix: so that conversation
    [17:18] risemix: was a precursor to this game idea i have
    [17:18] risemix: it's zelda 1 right
    [17:18] risemix: but you walk into the cave
    [17:18] risemix: he says "it's dangerous to go alone! take this"
    [17:18] risemix: and he gives you a friend
    [17:19] risemix: the friend's name is sam
    [17:19] risemix: and together you go through zelda 1, attempting to talk enemies out of hurting you
    [17:19] risemix: one of you is the good cop and one of you is the bad cop
    [02:11] <Zao> dude
    [02:11] <Zao> that's pretty amazing
    [02:11] <Zao> another good one
    [02:12] <Zao> was back during Crank Dat Kosha Boy in NJ
    [02:12] <Zao> M2K vs Ksizzle
    [02:12] <Zao> M2K dodges a grab and sheilds
    [02:13] <Zao> And someone asks Ksizzle "why didn't you grab him?"
    [02:13] <Zao> Ksizzle goes "I tried to grab but he sheilded"
    [02:14] <Zao> M2K pauses the game and starts ****ing rofling
    [02:14] <Zao> and Ksizzle just facepalms so hard
    Ahhh lol not very many people would know this character. I approve of your observation.

    I'm not one of those people who always has to have a girl avatar, but this chick is the most awesome female anime character... ever. Like, undisputed.

    I mean, she only has about a million weapons, and a different armor for any and every situation imaginable.


    [15:28] <ZeldaSkywardMerby> I'm going to go yiff
    [15:28] <ZeldaSkywardMerby> and by yiff I mean don't yiff
    [15:28] <ZeldaSkywardMerby> because I am going to be doing something else entirely
    [15:29] <ZeldaSkywardMerby> the entirety of which will most likely be watching anime and not yiffing
    [15:30] <AlexoftheAura> ._.
    [15:30] <Infinity> wut
    [15:31] <Cloudfox|bedorsome****> ...............lol.
    [10:28] <Shippo> remind me of the babe
    [10:28] <Hidingmerby> what babe
    [10:29] <Shippo> the babe with the power
    [10:29] <Hidingmerby> what power?
    [10:30] <Shippo> the power of voodoo.
    [10:30] <Hidingmerby> Who do?
    [10:30] <Shippo> you do

    [01:07] -->| Espy (webirc@ has joined #lucario
    [01:09] <Espy> ...
    [01:09] <Espy> Husky Time...
    [01:10] <Espy> What's HuskyTime?
    [01:10] <Espy> !
    [01:10] <Espy> KITA
    [01:15] =-= YOU are now known as Hidingmerby
    [01:16] <Hidingmerby> I'm not here.
    [01:16] <Hidingmerby> Espy can't see me.
    [01:16] <Espy> I ****ing see you
    [01:16] <Hidingmerby> No you don't.
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