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  • hey there lets make a mod together i propose we bring back diddy dthrow and up air, because up air needs to kill earlier because diddy kong is basically low tier

    please kill me
    I have the superior Robin avatar now

    In the event that I change my avatar, let the record show that my avatar was indeed superior, and consequently I am the superior man as well

    Have a nice day!
    Hey. A lot of the Ike players use Skype chat, so if you give me your Skype name I can add you to the group if you want.
    Any updates on skype?
    It should be "theniddo". Profile picture should be of an anime character with green hair (Vindel Mauser).
    ok, cool!
    just FYI, fall speed (floatiness etc.) is directly correlated to vertical KOability. Weight is secondary. Falco is heavier than Fox, but dies earlier off the top due to Fox's greater fall speed.
    Zac and Helix King. With no traffic (and green lights on bandera) its about a 15 minute drive. Really hope you go, we need Jesus to bless the community one last time.
    If you need help with housing, I got you covered. Btw, there's 2 other Ike mains in SA now. Both are likely going.
    I'm hosting a tourney tmrw. $5 Singles fee, Unity Ruleset, but with MK banned. None of the SAPR (top10) is entering, meaning you have a legit shot to win money. It'll prolly start around 5. You should gooooooo
    Niddo, what is in your avatar? It's been bugging me for days and I don't seem to recgonize it.
    "Nah man, didn't you hear? the MK/Pit combo in teams is starting to rise. MK takes on the other two opponents, Pit spams taunts off to the side and throws in the occasional arrow or HIYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! Great way to make the other team rage quit."

    I'm sorry but this actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks much.
    Any chance you can make Nikefest? I can drive you to my house, all you gotta do is come up with $10.
    Hey would you wanna come over tonight? I might hold a pre-Mizumi smashfest. Greyfox and Kyro would most likely go. And I need more Ike practiceeee.

    If you can text, my number is 210 324 4295
    Good games on WiFi today man. The lag spikes sucked, but it was fun nevertheless.
    Dtilt also eats Spotdodges due to be a one-two hit. Add in it's only like 10dg behind Ftilt when it comes to KOing and can be used out of a grab released...ya, it hurts.

    Also: watch out if Bowser is right below you. Uair is one of the strongest in the game, same with utilt.
    idk i have to practically beg to brawl ;_;
    it's a hassle lol

    hmm and thanks
    yea dtilt looks like something i'm going to underestimate lmao>.>
    i'll watct out for that
    i got this though :D
    har har
    haha,as i said
    i can't really brawl since school started and my parents bother me 24/7 Dx

    anything i should watch out for though?;/
    last time i faced bowser was like...3 months ago >_>
    ummmm yeah about that... i have a match with salty kracka and then penta and then ill be available lol srry man.. but im talking to San on AIM now so he should be somewhat available
    .....I had forgotten how much I hate wifi. Ugh, I don't suicide when I play offline, particularly not twice in the first minute. So many times I was trying to Bair and got Dair or something else instead.
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