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  • [11:07:30 PM] Antherz Sledge: errthing’s better with 8
    [11:07:55 PM] Antherz Sledge: liek sex
    [11:08:06 PM] Kenny Boffman: 8 babies + sex?
    [11:08:31 PM] Jasmine James: sex with 8 babies? wat
    --An Ode To Dunsparce--

    O dunsparce, how **** art thou,
    What with your drilling tail, and perpetual scowl
    Your admirable yellow and blue colouring,
    And forever closed eyes,
    Who have thou drooling,
    And emitting a zealous cry?

    Lol, it shouldn't. The colors could be giving it the appearance of animation since red combined with blue symbolizes a weird movement on the eyes, but my avatar is not animated lol.
    ShippoFFire (9:54:25 AM): lapras is also hot btw :x
    kitamerby (9:54:28 AM): wtf
    kitamerby (9:54:32 AM): fur***. D:<
    ShippoFFire (9:54:36 AM): lolicon
    kitamerby (9:54:49 AM): Dude I said I preferred Solana to the loli
    kitamerby (9:54:51 AM): D:<
    ShippoFFire (9:55:03 AM): Both of them look ugly IMO
    kitamerby (9:55:13 AM): PR1's guys are toned at least
    kitamerby (9:55:16 AM): look at those legs
    ShippoFFire (9:55:28 AM): *looks at lapras'....fins...?*
    kitamerby (9:55:32 AM): ...
    ShippoFFire (9:55:34 AM): are they fins...?
    ShippoFFire (9:55:37 AM): arms
    ShippoFFire (9:55:40 AM): o.o
    kitamerby (9:55:53 AM): Lapras is a ****ing turtle that got drunk with a giraffe.
    ShippoFFire (9:55:55 AM): dear god a 130 health stat?
    ShippoFFire (9:56:11 AM): http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/a/ab/131Lapras.png
    ShippoFFire (9:56:22 AM): tell me thats not a compromising position
    ShippoFFire (9:56:41 AM): like vulpix's ***** sprite in platinum
    kitamerby (9:57:10 AM): Dude if you're gonna do that
    kitamerby (9:57:12 AM): just go all the way
    kitamerby (9:57:13 AM): :\
    kitamerby (9:57:14 AM): http://th01.deviantart.com/fs17/150/f/2007/212/9/d/PKMN_134___Vaporeon_by_Meawsy.jpg
    ShippoFFire (9:57:28 AM): vaporeon = hottest water pokemon
    kitamerby (9:57:35 AM): nvm you're hopeless
    ShippoFFire (9:57:40 AM): lololol
    ShippoFFire (9:57:51 AM): http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/1/17/Spr_4d_037.png
    ShippoFFire (9:57:53 AM): ***** sprite
    kitamerby (9:58:21 AM): ONLY THE FURRIES, WOW.
    ShippoFFire (9:58:38 AM): you sir are so insecure
    kitamerby (9:58:59 AM): You're the one fapping to underaged vulpines, bro.
    ShippoFFire (9:59:11 AM): ...?
    ShippoFFire (9:59:18 AM): I've never fapped to a vulpix...
    ShippoFFire (9:59:24 AM): or a furried version of one
    ShippoFFire (9:59:30 AM): NINETAILS on the other hand
    kitamerby (9:59:52 AM): So how about them Mets?
    ShippoFFire (9:59:58 AM): metapod?
    ShippoFFire (10:00:00 AM): metagross?
    ShippoFFire (10:00:04 AM): metang?
    ShippoFFire (10:00:12 AM): metaknight?
    kitamerby (10:00:37 AM): Metaknight is mad sexy.
    ShippoFFire (10:00:43 AM): furry
    kitamerby (10:00:53 AM): MM?
    kitamerby (10:01:07 AM): My MK vs your furry?
    ShippoFFire (10:01:07 AM): if faping to kirby/king dedede is furry
    ShippoFFire (10:01:13 AM): than fapping to mk is furry
    kitamerby (10:01:22 AM): wtf fapping to kirby/king dedede is WRONG, bro.
    ShippoFFire (10:01:41 AM): king dedede is ****ing sexy and you know it
    kitamerby (10:01:52 AM): Can't argue there.
    <Kitamerby> WHAT THE HELL SHIPPO
    <Kitamerby> ...
    <Kitamerby> Oh
    <Kitamerby> nvm
    <Kitamerby> I thought you actually headbutted a tree
    <Kitamerby> That **** hurts.
    <Shippo> lmfao
    Hey where did you find your sig? I found a picture like it of a huge brawl tennis match, but I couldn't find an artist or page for it
    yeah i could... wonder how theyd take to me like, not going to tournies anymore though lol
    [8:17:00 PM] Ferrousmerby: Guys
    [8:17:11 PM] Ferrousmerby: I'm learning to play the pangolin.
    [8:24:07 PM] King Wedge: sounds painful
    Huge guy: Kenshiro, we've even prepared a grave for you. You can die at ease!
    Kenshiro: Did you dig a wide grave?
    Huge guy: Hm? No, why?
    Kenshiro: Then I'll beat you to as small a pulp as I can.
    kitamerby (10:26:15 PM): I just noticed your thingy in AIM
    kitamerby (10:26:21 PM): You can see yourself with a man?
    kitamerby (10:26:23 PM): ?
    FlameWaveK (10:26:37 PM): maybe.
    FlameWaveK (10:26:49 PM): its not outside the realm of possibilitiy
    kitamerby (10:26:58 PM): " "To be perfectly frank, I don't think I would be shy at all if it wasn't for this goddam norm that says that only the man can make the first move with a woman in asking for dates. I mean if both sexes had equal responsibility for having to suffer the indignity of having to make the first move, I just know I would have been married fourteen or maybe fifteen years ago." (35-year old love-shy man.)"
    kitamerby (10:27:05 PM): This guy is just a complainy whiner.
    kitamerby (10:27:11 PM): <<
    FlameWaveK (10:27:17 PM): lol
    FlameWaveK (10:27:23 PM): I hate that too
    FlameWaveK (10:27:33 PM): I'm too lazy to make the 1st move <.<
    kitamerby (10:27:34 PM): Still, that's just an excuse.
    kitamerby (10:27:37 PM): :\
    kitamerby (10:27:54 PM): Can't blame the norm for that. Gotta take up the responsibility as a man. D:<
    FlameWaveK (10:27:56 PM): which is why I like assertive girls.
    FlameWaveK (10:28:03 PM): I'm not manly godamnit
    kitamerby (10:28:07 PM): Why not?
    kitamerby (10:28:11 PM): Gotta work on being manly.
    FlameWaveK (10:28:16 PM): I like cooking and cleaning and staying in my room all day.
    kitamerby (10:28:17 PM): I had to get over a fear of bugs.
    kitamerby (10:28:23 PM): :<
    kitamerby (10:28:28 PM): I like cooking too
    FlameWaveK (10:28:29 PM): godamnit I'm practicially a teenage girl.
    kitamerby (10:28:35 PM): Cleaning I hate with a passion, though.
    FlameWaveK (10:28:36 PM): :\
    FlameWaveK (10:28:46 PM): I love cleaning things just not my room.
    FlameWaveK (10:28:54 PM): like I dust for hours
    FlameWaveK (10:28:58 PM): just not my room
    kitamerby (10:28:59 PM): I'm OCD only if it's already clean
    FlameWaveK (10:29:01 PM): because I prefer it messy
    FlameWaveK (10:29:06 PM): the act of cleaning is fun tho
    kitamerby (10:29:11 PM): I won't let something become dirty if it's clean
    kitamerby (10:29:17 PM): but if it's already dirty, meh, I can do it later.
    kitamerby (10:30:28 PM): Honestly, after being forced to read an entire history book about women's suffrage, I find that male lesbian concept absolutely hilarious.
    FlameWaveK (10:31:08 PM): in todays world the girl can be lazy ***** and still have a horde of virgin males to want her ;o
    FlameWaveK (10:31:13 PM): pretty much.
    kitamerby (10:31:26 PM): It's just men who want to be lazy and escape their duties.
    FlameWaveK (10:31:36 PM): what duties
    FlameWaveK (10:31:38 PM): :\
    kitamerby (10:31:41 PM): Duties as a man.
    kitamerby (10:31:45 PM): Man laws.
    FlameWaveK (10:32:07 PM): there shouldn't be things like that, I am a person who values equality
    kitamerby (10:32:20 PM): Equality is for *******.
    FlameWaveK (10:32:29 PM): hey I'm a *****.
    kitamerby (10:32:36 PM): But you don't have one.
    FlameWaveK (10:33:22 PM): Anyways.
    kitamerby (10:33:31 PM): Instead you have the stronger physical build and are less in tune with your emotions to allow you to make hard decisions easier.
    kitamerby (10:33:33 PM): D:<
    FlameWaveK (10:33:39 PM): ...
    kitamerby (10:33:41 PM): D:<
    FlameWaveK (10:33:42 PM): stronger build?
    kitamerby (10:33:44 PM): Yes.
    FlameWaveK (10:33:46 PM): Dude I have ****ing curves
    FlameWaveK (10:33:50 PM): I should not be a guy.
    kitamerby (10:33:52 PM): Eat more.
    kitamerby (10:33:55 PM): Work out more.
    FlameWaveK (10:33:57 PM): No.
    kitamerby (10:34:02 PM): Then don't complain.
    FlameWaveK (10:34:06 PM): My legs are kinda legit
    FlameWaveK (10:34:10 PM): I run every day.
    kitamerby (10:34:12 PM): If you're complaining, it's your own damn fault.
    kitamerby (10:34:20 PM): Change it yourself. Get stronger. Be a man!
    FlameWaveK (10:34:24 PM): if I was a chick it wouldn't be a problem
    FlameWaveK (10:34:52 PM): but I don't want to be a testorine muscle-brained mass
    FlameWaveK (10:34:55 PM): :<
    kitamerby (10:35:15 PM): Testosterone.
    kitamerby (10:35:24 PM): muscles for brains. It worked for Kenshiro.
    kitamerby (10:35:28 PM): ATATATATATATATATATA
    kitamerby (10:35:32 PM): WATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    FlameWaveK (10:35:39 PM): :\
    FlameWaveK (10:35:45 PM): I think I'm getting trolled here
    kitamerby (10:38:09 PM): You think so?
    kitamerby (10:38:54 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODKefj5qfAU&feature=related
    FlameWaveK (10:39:12 PM): nah
    kitamerby (10:39:27 PM): Kenshiro punches guys so hard they freaking explode.
    FlameWaveK (10:39:42 PM): which isn't possible by physics.
    FlameWaveK (10:39:44 PM): Cool?
    FlameWaveK (10:39:47 PM): hell yes I agree
    kitamerby (10:39:50 PM): Aim to be like Kenshiro.
    FlameWaveK (10:39:53 PM): No.
    kitamerby (10:39:57 PM): Actually they claim it's due to pressure points
    FlameWaveK (10:40:01 PM): I just want to be a little girl :-(
    FlameWaveK (10:40:06 PM): obv.
    kitamerby (10:40:18 PM): When you're a real man
    kitamerby (10:40:20 PM): you can be like kenshiro
    kitamerby (10:40:21 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N2pPrIxboI&feature=related
    FlameWaveK (10:40:36 PM): but I don't want to be a real man.
    kitamerby (10:40:45 PM): Everyone wants to be a real man.
    kitamerby (10:40:49 PM): even the feminists.
    FlameWaveK (10:40:59 PM): ok Im getting trolled.
    kitamerby (10:41:06 PM): You think so?
    FlameWaveK (10:41:12 PM): Perhaps.
    kitamerby (10:41:30 PM): Well you'd be right! :D
    FlameWaveK (10:41:48 PM): You mad gay ***** ;o
    "If you watch Jaws in reverse, it's about a shark that throws up so many people they have to open a beach."
    kitamerby (5:37:42 PM): If Milanor was a girl I'd hit it
    kitamerby (5:37:42 PM): er
    kitamerby (5:37:46 PM): I mean use his union more
    [15:14] Pyro: apparently an atheist group at a college in san antonio is doing a thing where you trade in bibles for free porn.
    [15:14] Pyro: the religious people in my facebook are up in arms
    Hot_ArmS joined the room.
    Hot_ArmS: urban wanna brawl?
    Hot_ArmS left the room.
    UrbanMenace: uhh
    UrbanMenace: aight
    UrbanMenace: oh
    UrbanMenace: nvm
    UrbanMenace left the room.
    Hot_ArmS joined the room.
    Teh Umby: lol
    Hot_ArmS left the room.
    FlameWaveK (5:45:38 PM): Kita
    FlameWaveK (5:45:41 PM): help me find pants
    FlameWaveK (5:45:43 PM): ;_;
    kitamerby (5:50:33 PM): brb taking that out of context
    FlameWaveK (5:50:56 PM): I hate you.
    FlameWaveK (5:50:58 PM): |:
    [5:53:00 PM] Malcolm McNulty: sooooo
    [5:53:00 PM] Malcolm McNulty: today @ the barbershop...****** were legit talking about
    [5:53:05 PM] Malcolm McNulty: prostitution
    [5:53:15 PM] Malcolm McNulty: like this guy came into the shop all mad
    [5:53:15 PM] Malcolm McNulty: like
    [5:53:26 PM] Malcolm McNulty: SEAN ******* WAS NOT BITIN @ THE SPOT
    [5:53:46 PM] Malcolm McNulty: and im thinking to myself "oh he jus got played by some girl w/e. its cold out here"
    [5:53:48 PM] Malcolm McNulty: and hes like
    [5:53:56 PM] Malcolm McNulty: SHE COULDA HAD W/E SHE WANTED. ***** MISSED OUT
    [5:54:10 PM] Malcolm McNulty: and im still thinkin...oh
    [5:54:13 PM] Malcolm McNulty: fairly normal ****
    [5:54:18 PM] Malcolm McNulty: then sean was like
    [5:54:28 PM] Malcolm McNulty: "Well how much did u offer her? She aint cheap *****"
    [5:54:33 PM] Malcolm McNulty: and this guy is all like
    [5:55:12 PM] Malcolm McNulty: **** was craaaaaazy. my eyes were so wide
    [5:55:37 PM] Rubberbandman: ****** gon be ******.
    [5:55:48 PM] Malcolm McNulty: Prostitution in the barbershop?
    [5:55:50 PM] Malcolm McNulty: Cmon now
    [5:55:52 PM] Malcolm McNulty: that aint even bein a *****
    [5:55:54 PM] Rubberbandman: Example: TKO's brother
    [5:55:59 PM] Malcolm McNulty: thats just...beyond *****
    [5:56:06 PM] Malcolm McNulty: thats *****+
    [5:56:17 PM] Rubberbandman: Just a normal day in New Jersey.
    [6:00:16 PM] Menace: rofl *****+
    [6:00:22 PM] Menace: thats a ***** with hitstun
    [6:03:36 PM] Michael Martin: lol wat.
    [6:03:46 PM] Michael Martin: So *****- is a broken *****?
    [6:03:48 PM] Michael Martin: A slave?
    [6:04:19 PM] Rubberbandman: So Balanced ***** would be all ***** treated eqaully?
    [6:04:37 PM] Rubberbandman: Black power movement?
    [6:04:44 PM] King Wedge: what about Project *****?
    [6:04:52 PM] King Wedge: **** is coming out sooonnn
    [6:05:07 PM] Rubberbandman: ****** like they were back in the day.
    [6:05:29 PM] Menace: lmao
    [6:05:35 PM] Menace: i was about to say the same thing
    [6:05:52 PM] King Wedge: waveniggering
    [6:05:55 PM] Menace: *****- is barack obama
    [6:06:16 PM] Menace: an extremely well doing *****
    [6:06:27 PM] Menace: not a slave lol
    [6:08:08 PM] King Wedge: now with the addition of moveset hacks called PNAs
    [6:08:12 PM] King Wedge: Project ***** Attacks
    [6:08:19 PM] Menace: lololol
    [6:08:29 PM] King Wedge: you see this cop tryna take yo beer?
    [6:08:32 PM] King Wedge: ah hell nah
    [6:08:33 PM] King Wedge: PNA time
    [6:09:08 PM] Menace: lolol
    [1:48:45 PM] Randall Simon: im not a lion
    [1:48:45 PM] Randall Simon: lmao
    [1:49:02 PM] Merby Master: randall youre a lion?
    [1:49:07 PM] Merby Master: sweeeeeeeet
    [1:49:11 PM] Randall Simon: i said imNOT
    [1:49:15 PM] Randall Simon: LEARN TO READ OMG
    [1:49:20 PM] Randall Simon: FAIL UR GRADES MORE
    [1:49:30 PM] Rubberbandman: Randall's a lion?
    [1:49:33 PM] Randall Simon: ugh
    [1:49:47 PM] Merby Master: http://www.productofthesystem.com/images/get-in-the-car.jpg
    so umm....my photoshop is being pretty gay right and crashing when i want it to open now so i don't know when i can fix your pics. :(

    The character specific "callout" made it unclear. I do have to admit they're going a little hard on you on the Q&A thread, but the other one I have my reservations on the powershielding thread being truly beneficial. Why not go into depth, or maybe saying that the purpose is to improve your powershielding by practicing against a lucario, as opposed to a critical assertion?
    [22:49] <kitamerby> I'm the most humble lucario on earth
    [22:49] <kitamerby> hear me roar
    [22:52] <Shippo> I heard a kitty mew just now....
    [22:52] <kitamerby> You're an *******.
    [22:52] <AlexoftheAura> lol
    [22:52] <kitamerby> D:<
    [17:49] kitamerby: Stop looking at that site
    [17:49] kitamerby: you're like 5
    [17:50] FlameWaveK: And I'm still taller then you.
    [17:50] kitamerby: ffffffff
    [06:30] <DJBrowny> apparently, today some douches were arguing as usual
    [06:30] <DJBrowny> one of em challeneged the other to a bench pressing MM
    [06:30] <DJBrowny> ....
    [06:30] <Zao> lol
    [06:30] <Kitamerby> rofl
    [06:30] <Kitamerby> only in australia
    [06:30] <Kitamerby> or maybe some parts of cali
    [06:31] <Kitamerby> I could see it going on in hawaii too though
    [06:31] <Kitamerby> surfing mms
    [06:31] <Zao> Australia has spiders with health bars, AND mana bars
    [06:31] <Zao> **** that
    [06:31] <Kitamerby> rofl
    [06:31] <Kitamerby> but I hear those spiders drop madd gold
    [06:31] <Zao> **** THAT
    [06:31] <Kitamerby> also if you kill enough you get a rare sword
    [06:31] <DJBrowny> wha the?
    [06:32] <Zao> I'd rather be stuck with grinding pidgeons than getting zerg rushed by a bunch of tiny death spiders
    [06:32] <Zao> then get ****ed up by a Boss Spider
    "Nah, Mango won Pound. ADHD won Super Metaknight Endurance Run IV: Attack of the Metaknights."
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