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  • Sorry, I forgot about the chat <.< I'll try to get on a few times this weekend. By the way, if you have questions, please feel free to send me a PM or ask me on here. I check this place like a dozen times a day, usually.
    You should've offered the money match and put the video in the same message, to make it more apparent that you were joking. :p
    I play Mario, probably top 5 Mario's. I even used him in Pools at Pound. I know about this already.
    I wouldn't need a move like that versus Mario. MK has more than enough safe options vs this character to the point of not even requiring mix-ups, and just winning with a solid pressure wall game.
    [Eticam] I was in biology class once, and the teacher said there was sugar in sperm
    [Eticam] And a girl asked why doesn't it taste sweet then
    [Eticam] When she realised what she said her face became red like a spanked monkey ***
    [Eticam] Then the teacher said, because you taste sweetness with the front of your tongue, not the part of your tongue in the back of your throat
    [Eticam] The girl started crying and left class
    [16:30] <Kitamerby> Guys I main Red Alloy now
    [16:31] <Stauffy> Good
    [16:31] <Stauffy> Go bother the Red Alloy boards
    [1:22:52 AM] Alan Kettley: .......WHAT
    [1:22:53 AM] Alan Kettley: WHAT
    [1:22:55 AM] Alan Kettley: ..................
    [1:23:00 AM] Alan Kettley: I'm scared.
    [1:23:02 AM] Alan Kettley: Very scared.
    [1:23:14 AM] Alan Kettley: I took my SD Card out during Mother 3 Medley.
    [1:23:20 AM] Alan Kettley: I have it replacing Final Destination (Melee)
    [1:23:27 AM] Alan Kettley: I hear some weird voice.
    [1:23:31 AM] Alan Kettley: And a beat.
    [1:23:35 AM] Alan Kettley: I have no ****ing clue what is going on.
    [1:23:40 AM] Alan Kettley: So I take off my headphones.
    [1:23:41 AM] Alan Kettley: And
    [1:23:44 AM] Alan Kettley: *******
    [1:23:44 AM] Alan Kettley: ARE
    [1:23:46 AM] Alan Kettley: SINGING
    [1:23:48 AM] Alan Kettley: THE DK RAP
    "Update: Sakurai has converted to Christianity and has announced plans to incorporate ActRaiser related content into DLC. On the negative side he plans to patch brawl removing the Devil Assist Trophy and Marth from the game."
    ~ Rev.Csaskater
    [11:31:22 PM] Merby Master: Wait what
    [11:31:23 PM] Merby Master: Eldiran
    [11:31:27 PM] Merby Master: Did you set Ike's sword on fire?
    [11:31:31 PM] Eldiran: lil' bit
    Since you're not on AIM, I'll have you know that Tenki didn't have Debug mode when he told you that Lucario could grab Sonic out of a D-Throw tech.

    In fact, he still can't do anything even with his 3 extra frames. :p
    Kita, you need to do a video tutorial on how to do hitbubbles...lol...still been trying to figure out even to this day x_x
    I used to think the ZSS crowd was alright.
    Then some stuff came up.
    Particularly the fact that they keep putting up MK really close in MU ratio and possibly snake. One of them said that Lucario v. Zss was 70:30 Zss advantage :\
    lol I would love to see the reaction to a drop.
    Sorry that I haven't been helping, my finals just ended yesterday, and I was "putting out fires" on a project so to speak.
    [2:12:09 AM] Hazardousdoc: the ****?
    [2:12:26 AM] Hazardousdoc: why don't i have some o you bishes added?
    [2:12:35 AM] PinkPwnageFrenzy: cuz u gay
    [2:12:37 AM] PinkPwnageFrenzy: : |
    [2:12:41 AM] Hazardousdoc: no u
    [2:12:45 AM] PinkPwnageFrenzy: You're right
    [2:12:56 AM] Hazardousdoc: ****... straight?
    [2:12:56 AM] PinkPwnageFrenzy: *lets that settle in*

    [02:21] Netolli: oy!
    [02:21] tehumby: 14/f/GA ASL?
    [02:21] tehumby: Oh.
    [02:21] tehumby: Wrong IM
    Seems like the little notepad thing has been pretty much whacked.

    I can talk to you now! (W/o those PMs)
    I think there's only two things that hurts it from being great:
    -relatively slow startup, although we need a long range tilt under 10 frames lol
    -crappy damage

    Edit: actually, 3 things, it's only an okay poke, it beats out spotdodging though like what MK/Marth can do, and it can still outrange stuff, but still, :p
    After I saw the hitbox for dtilt, my interest in the move got rekindled. It's actually pretty gewd, I'd say one of the top 5 best dtilts in the game (besides MK, Marth, ROB, and Zelda)
    So literally, you'd have no difference between say a right facing utilt to a left facing utilt if buffered?
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