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  • We will do it at night. <u<

    You guys actually want to do it? Honestly, I would actually love to, lol. Their banner makes me go insane.
    I'm not going to PBT dude, KirbyKid doesn't know how to run a tournament, lol.

    I'm good for foods on either day dude, Friday would probably work better for me though.

    Jinx didn't remember the joke you gave her :(:(
    Infinity for trying to give people advice on characters he doesn't play, DMG for running away and running out timers, D4bA for trying to charge people money to play him in friendlies, Fogo for his magic, etc.
    I'm famous for a lie, though XD

    I mean, at least the Infinity and DMG and D4bA stuff is true, haha.
    I love how people think my status is a compliment, and then I have to tell them it's not, haha. I will curse Fogo until the day he dies.
    DDDDDDDDDDD: I don't think I can ever look at you the same way again. Guess it's time to move on to flirting with Katie.
    I COULD bestow upon you the honor of birthing my children, but I fear the blow to Billy would be much too great.

    Santi is too much of a philanderer for me to bear his children.
    THREE HOURS? Maybe you should bite one of your fingers off to skimp on class... I'd go insane sitting in a class for that long. I'll just chuckle while pretending to understand the part after "ball" and before ":p" b/c it confused me :X I think the attractive half snorts are limited to the female gender (lucky you!), whenever I half snort I convulse a bit and people think I'm seizing. Coughing isn't so hot... usually XD
    Haha, Mathematician and Librarian, it's like a match made in heaven. I'm glad I brightened up your class period, it's always nice when that happens... class is mad boring under most circumstances. So we're on equal ground, my name is Juan... but not Mexican Juan, Spaniard Juan (which is why I'm a whitey). And I hope by "disrupt" you didn't mean you were going to see how these comments correlated with teaching and BJs :p
    I doubt it. I'm an Austinite. You just amused me so I read the whopping one line in your profile about cookies. And I think I've seen you post in the Dallas thread from time to time as well. I usually troll, as I was doing with the BJ comment. Leave it to a woman to be the only one to actually respond to it with an educated comment, though, haha <3 I think everyone else must be scared of BJs or something... or they like to ignore my lulz XD
    I'm sure in some remote continent of the world that's actually a secret fetish. Besides, you shush them with cookies... fairly ingenious if I say so myself.
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