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  • Have you ever faced a full team of riot shields in MW2? (They all move up like spartans...)

    You play TF2?!?!? Hopefully on the PC, since the consoles versions of the game suck. Add me on Steam: F8AL09 (We'll be playing TF2 tonight @ 8 PM EST)

    We also play other games in this thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=309991
    My reasoning behind my dislike for them is because it's a FPS, not a "hide like a ***** behind a shield" game. :mad:

    I have a bad feeling about MW3 tbh, assassin protects you from everything. (Even advanced UAVs.) They can only be spotted on recon drones.
    I don't like it how death streaks, riot shields, HBSs, thermal scopes and panic knifing are back. :urg:
    I know, right? I love playing the mini-games and using rental Pokemon when I was too lazy to create my own team. :awesome:

    I'll probably wait a little while before I get MW3 because I don't agree with some of the changes they've made with the game and I'm very disappointed that they didn't choose to use dedicated servers for the console versions. (For the most popular shooter on the current FPS market in 2011...)
    I've been good dude, playing TF2 and Super Meat Boy on my PC lately and my copy of Pokemon Stadium is arriving this week! Super excited to play that game cause I remember renting it as a kid and loving it!

    You getting MW3?
    i believe the earlier sets in the circuit (the ones that occurred in columbus) had some confusion amongst referees if we were doing the traditional "ask for stage ban from the winning player" or "ask for bans before sets start," which is why there's a lot of "NOT LISTED" results - some matches were 2-0 and only one ban came up.
    bans were asked for at the start of each match, after characters and (I think) game 1's stage were chosen.
    Eh fair enough, if it was already public knowledge then it's not a leak

    Just usually we try to keep upcoming things on the DL leading up to release

    Hey big guy, I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but try not to leak data like this immediately prior to release. It kills the hype of stuff

    In the grand scheme of things, it's probably not a big deal since this topic has been thoroughly tested, but the anti-leaking helps let people get credit when credit is due as well as makes sure new info passes scientific scrutiny and testing

    On that note, I'm not sure it works the same way in shield. I'll need to confer with Yika probably or just test it myself
    Is it alright if I use the stage ban data you're compiling to make pie graphs for each character? Full credit will be given, naturally.

    Either way, thanks for being the first to take a crack at the data, as well as supplying that tip to bring up the numbers in the first place. Much appreciated :)
    Oh umm... did I miss the app? The turn around time is usually 1 dayish. >.>
    Just apply in User CP.

    Edit: added
    We seriously will never need to have another MU discussion. I wish we'd known that magic formula 2 years ago.
    i don't see your location. But if you'd like you can have your parents call me and I can assure them your safety? I can also house you if you'd like. I hope you weren't trolling, that tournament is indeed going to be hype and fun.
    I forgot to thank you for the Mansion+ with fix ledges, where are my maners? Thanks a lot Maestro :)
    great question! actually we don't, but it's an interesting idea... i'll run it by the other mods and see what they think!
    Thanks for the heads-up. I'm not exactly an authority on the point of what the catholic church teaches, so I appreciate the info. However, did they teach that good works are necessary back during the crusades? Because that's the point at issue there. Thanks again for your help.
    Not quite sure, actually. Looks like a new thread is the only option right now.
    Hi, I've been wondering how to fix ZSS's name on the CSS screen like in your avatar. Do you have a thread about it, or a post somewhere? I do know how to use BrawlBox, and I've already downloaded the .png
    Dang. Sorry about that post where I snitched on your sig, MK. I didn't intend to offend you. Just getting that out.
    Doesn't really matter. The original and edited post don't contribute anything to the thread.

    Yes. I am serious. It didn't contribute anything to the thread.

    Hope you don't take this too personally, I have nothing against you but I have to enforce the rules in the Light House.
    Whatever, you now know my opinion on the perk. Feel free to let me know when you're done the guide and I'll take a look at it.
    That's why 99.9% of OMA users use it with DC and noob tubes/RPGs/Thumpers. It should only work once.

    And nah, I'm not mad. Nice try tho.
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