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  • Hey, I just added you to the "Contributors/Special thanks to:" section in the MW2 thread.

    Thanks for posting that weapons recoil link.
    ...Main platform/base works just as before with the original Skyworld+.

    This was all tested with Marth.


    Sorry, I've been busy ever since after Monday night so I haven't had time to test this.

    So here's what's up...

    Top platforms don't break at the beginning, are hittable and is breakable, and reforms, but you cannot stand on it at all.

    Right platform works fine. And as you expected, you can stand on the cloud while the platform is there if you jump on it the right way.

    The left platform is probably the most problematic. When both parts of that platform is there, it forces you to auto-stand on it if you jump upwards from underneath it (but only when both parts are there). When the left of the two parts is broken while the right piece is there, walking from the cloud part on the left to the right makes it seem like there's an invisible wall. The wall only stops you for a moment while walking, and continually holding right would allow you to pass that "wall" after about half a second. Running is unaffected by it...
    Heh, lemme know whenever you're online. I'm happy to play Ps3 too :p
    What system do you have MW2 for anyway?
    Oh I was planning on using them on Brawl- but for now I just want to use them normally.

    And I'm using Gecko OS.
    I checked some of the names on BrawlBox and edited ones that were needed, then I put them in my melee folder, and it was failure. Nothing happened. I tried many different stages that I replaced (Ex. BF and FD).
    And yes, I used the code with it all. The one on that guide.
    So can I put any one of those stages names in the file if they don't have one?

    For example I have one named "STGAsh.PAC" do I change it to "STGNEWPORKASH.PAC" if I want?
    But also, some of them don't have STGFINAL in there name, where would I find them in brawl?
    Hey I have a stage hacking question.

    All the stages that I download are PAC files, what do I do with them?
    (I was going to PM this but your PM box is full...)

    Anyway, if you're not too busy, can you give me the image of the "Zaro Suit Samus" fix that you have that has the name on two lines (like the one on your avatar) so I can import it to my common5.pac? I only have the one-lined fix, which is hard to read in the game. And I'm not sure on the font type, so I figured just asking for it would be faster than trying to make it, myself.

    BTW, I'm making a common5.pac that, in addition to the cosmetic changes that Brawl+ already has, has changes of stage images that fit the Stage+ hacks. I'm updating it as more stages becomes complete (or nearly complete to the point that it's perfectly usable as an effective stage). I'm trying to make it look as professional as I can, too. So if ever a stage pack is close to being released, you guys can take a look at it and see if you guys would want to use it. :)
    The times they are a changin :D


    Change the title of the stage hacking thread.
    The byte counts (XX and XX) on PW's Custom SSS code...do you know how to figure them out? I'm working on a secret project and I need to figure out the SSS code lol
    But I thought the superscope graphic could be the color of your choosing? There seemed to be multiple options to me. Then again it was in Japanese so wtf

    anyway, thanks. My brother's gone (and his SD card with him) for a few hours, and a friend's coming over anyway, but I'll look into it tonight probably.

    cool :o

    the black hyrule worked. I THINK the superscope thing worked, I couldn't really tell the difference.

    But something must be seriously wrong with half of these hitbubbles, if they were 100% accurate then Kirby would be more broken than Snake.
    Are you still working on stuff for the hitbubbles or should I just make a replay with the hacks I have?

    I'm about to test out the single color stage and superscope thing
    Thats possible.
    Just tell me the offsets in the stage.pac and ill try to look at it with my usbgecko when I get the chance.
    Then its just a matter of writing ASM code to alternate based on a timer(Which hopefully syncs up to the windmill on some interval)
    maestro could you direct me to a place that can give a newbie the rundown on the basics of where boundaries, spawn points, and stage model data is stored when browsing via brawlbox?

    wow that sounded more specific than it should have. guess i'm bad at this. :012:
    ah, that would explain it.

    So like, Kirby's upair makes his feet bigger than they actually are (kinda like, for a noticeable example, Mario's Jab) and it makes the hitbubble bigger too even though it isn't?

    If you could fix the scaling for me, I'll gladly do that.

    And why the stage/superbullet thing? And can you provide links to them?
    You're the one that was working on Kirby's hitbubbles right?

    I downloaded the hack from the smash workshop and I got it working. If you'd like, I can easily get the video up, showing all his hitboxes, slowed down and all that, so you don't have to worry about it. :3

    Also, what does "scaling errors, no articles" mean? http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=255290

    And is it just me, or do some of those hitbubbles look bigger than they actually are?
    There actually were a couple things I was still confused about. I'm actually moving out of residence right now so I'm too busy to properly go through it - expect some sort of like, "wtf" soon. Thanks again.
    Hey - thanks a lot for putting the guide up! It's explaining a lot. Much clearer than Dantarion's post. Keep going on it though! :)
    Hey MK26 -

    are you still writing the SSE stage tutorial? I've tried so many times to make sense of Dantarion's first post and it just does. not. make. sense.

    I said earlier - if you could even PM me what you have already, I'd be so grateful. I'm really eager to test these stages out.
    don't spam the beta thread plz. You seem like a nice kid, and I don't want to "rage" at you.
    Hey MK26, you still up for seeing if you can get DK's down b's hitboxes working. I think that the ground hits are treated as a projectile and in order to do it you have to use hex editor and PSA, which I have seen a video of someone do it, but I was not able understand it all. I can give you the pac file, just tell me your e-mail, or instant messager, and i will send it to you.
    Just wanted to ask if you're still doing the hitboxes thing for Kirby... Because as soon as you posted that preview on the Kirby boards, i've been veeeeery interested! I reeeeeally wanna see them now...

    If you gave up due to no one saying thanks and stuff like that, well, it's OK then.
    ****. Well, do you know anyone that might be able to tell me? I'm hoping that the effects can be made specific to costumes, but if not, then it'd be a waste of time adding those.
    Got a question for ya. Do you know if Character effects can be used for only one costume? Or does it have to be used for all costumes?
    Ok cool, when I'm done fixing my infFace .brres's (I use ISO hacking, so any glitches cause characters to stop working so I'm gonna have to manually hex them lol, so I can't use any G&W costume, many Falco ones, and more) I'll tyr to find this, if I'm done before I got on vacation. If not, I'll try to email myself a few tools and see if I can find out how.
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