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  • I downloaded OpenSA 3, but the thing is that I can't get it to work, I don't know how to open it, it would be great if you could help me.
    Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you could share what tools you used to get the smash 4 moveset data found here:

    I'd love to try and edit this game the way people did with brawl but I'd rather not have to re-invent the wheel.
    I'm not a total n00b to computer science by the way, I've hex edited brawl's assist trophy files to make changes to them in the past.

    Thanks in advance
    Hi, sorry to bug you, but what does it mean if mutliple hitboxes have the same name, but are assigned different IDs and have different sizes and x/y/z offsets? Thanks in advance.
    While you're looking at the new patch, would you be able to get a reliable frame data info dump of sorts for characters?
    Please check this out, Project Strife(Strife) Strife is a fan made mod which combines every smash mod into one this mod is not exactly known around the Internet since its not even playable to the public but it will have its first public beta release after the release of Project Melee 3.0 and Brawl Minus Max latest update.
    Dantarion, opensa.dantarion.com is giving a bunch of database errors. Can't view the Article Floating Points page until you fix it.
    Hey Dantarion, do you have a copy of the Brawl Custom Song Maker 1.5 will all files, cause my laptop (which after 7 years died) had the program and I didn't get to transfer them over; plus the link to the thread is dead, so I was wondering if I could pm or email the program.
    hey there!

    I wanted to download Brawl Custom Song Maker because my PC broke and I missed the file, but the link doesn't work. Is there another way or link to download it?

    Hope you can help me with this :D
    Dantarion Could you tell me how to read your amazing frame data? Like what is ftilt or dtilt. how i can figure out how long grab boxes stay active etc.
    Hey Dantarion... I was wondering how much you know about Brawl replays (specifically how to decrypt them), and if you had time to answer some questions. Of course, I understand if you don't. Let me know... thanks ^^
    I JUST noticed this thread >_>. Anyway awesome stuff, how do I set it up on my SD Card? what would the character ID for the CSS be? What is the CSS Limit anyway?
    Brought it here because I have questions and do not know the answer, thanks in advance. :)

    How far have you dived into melee moveset files? I am attempting to make a balance patch for melee, but it's a bit hard without PSA being available.
    TPK (paprika) has been doing more coding again (making stuff for S4 and all and helping us a bit here and there). Maybe youi could coordinate with him on how to approach coding landing detection idea?
    You need somebody to make your avatar properly transparent. Gimme a higher-res version if you have it, pl0x. <3
    I'd like help with your Riivolution Brawl Mod Launcher when you're available please.
    How do you feel about Hermes IOS 222/223 to utilise USB loader?
    I'm wondering because my laser is broken, and I really don't feel like fixing it.
    Also does it work on wi-fi? Because I remember that used to be a problem.

    I'm comfortable enough with wii hacks/homebrew, and have installed cIOS' before.
    Dantarion, _please_ re-enable account making for PM's SVN. We've had a lot of new members join and they can't do much to help until we can get them logins.

    Did you disable SVN account creation? Is there a way where we can reenable it, but I can change the password at a whim?
    hey dant, can't we alter the SVN general account making password? Someone did something naughty.
    I hope you got my PM Dantarion, but I'm worried that I still haven't heard anything from you. Please tell me if there is anything I can help you with!
    You're usually busy, so I'll try to make this short.
    Is your Brawl Mod Launcher 2.0 going to edit the FPC so that it loads each codeset's files(Textures, Music, etc) from its own folder? Like the "bp" folder in the first release of the launcher.
    Dant I know you're always rather busy...as well as an extremely popular person as of late, but...

    Have you ever documented what offsets in Luigi's Mansion's MiscData[20] controls what stage elements? I myself am particularly interested in the Mansion Respawn Timer.

    A more complicated element I'm interested in is the offsets that control where the small platforms appear after the mansion is down too. Wouldn't it be cool that after you destroyed the mansion, you can play on Deadlands like in the old Brawl+ builds? =V

    Oh my nostalgia was showing...sorry. =/
    I found a bug in OSA2 with the starting offset input box:

    If you do a raw dump, the raw dump with the fighter.pac offsets are correct. For example, if you have a function with no parameters, it doesn't give an offset, if it does, it gives the correct offset. However, if you give it a starting offset, even commands without parameters get data sections and it doesn't count properly.

    I have a good idea how to fix it:

    When you click on raw dump to clipboard, a little options window pops up with three checkboxes:

    -Raw Commands to Clipboard
    -Commands w/ Data at Real time memory locations (so parameter address + 80F9FC20 added correctly since the current method just overwrites the address)
    -Commands at custom starting offset [Input box] (This mode would still require the parameters to count correctly)
    I can't seem to download your OSA2 from your page in which you have the Brawlwall download on. Can you get me a link to the lastest OSA so I can try to open fighter.pac?
    Hi dant, two minor OSA2 requests:

    Can you have OSA2 show the "true" variable number instead of the abbreviated one? A la IC-Basic 1018 instead of 250? Additionally, would you be able to give the option to view the command number next to the name (like in parenthesis)?
    I want to implement your fix for the lip on FD and walljumping. Please PM me with the details of that. Thanks <3
    Hey, I was curious if you had some time to work with me on fixing up a new Victory Screen? I've got most of it working, but some stuff is beyond my technical expertise.
    Please email me the new .gct you've been working on to Veriloquy@Gmail.com I need it asap.
    I know this is an odd request, but will it be possible for OpenSA to include support for editing Kirby Hats? I believe that having the ability to edit Kirby hats would, in conjunction with model edits and a normal PSA hack for Kirby, would allow for more diverse characters to be made from Kirby.
    hey dant, i know exactly what part of a file needs to be changed to recreate the melee windmill, but am unable to change it exactly the way i want it to be changed simply through a file replacement...do you think you could help me out, or perhaps write a code for it? I basically want to change the bytes of the code that determine the direction of the platforms, at timed intervals (ie rotating back and forth between '0102' and '0201' in a specific half-word, several times over the course of a full rotation and in several places in the file at once)

    EDIT: another thing I just thought of - how would you edit your Skyworld Platforms code to remove the bottom (stationary) platform in addition to the upper three?
    You use a USB Gecko and stuff to code right? That way you can read data when the game is running and stuff? (idk exactly how it works, thats just what I think lol)

    Can you do me a big favor? If you could find out how an item is spawned in training mode (like when you choose for it to appear and it appears infront of your character) and you could find out how I can spawn a soccer ball in front of my character in PSA that would be rly helpful. There is no kind of generate item command that makes it appear in front of them like training mode that we know of yet.
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