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  • Super! Smash brotheeeerrrsssss! ULTIMAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEEE!
    -Not the announcer
    Somewhat inspired by your 1-800 Kirbycide video, I made a video with For Glory kills. Not just Kirbycide, but also Hammer, copy abilities, Stone, a few Smash attacks and grabs. What do you think?

    I still have all used files, so if you have good feedback, I might apply some changes.

    So now with all of the buffs kirby got in 1.1.3.... ANND now that he's even heavier (heavy as fox) in 1.1.4

    Are you FINALLY happy with where he's at now with these buffs included?
    Yeah, I am. He totally wins all match-ups now that he's 77 weight instead of 79 weight.
    Do you knoq 'Hammer To Fall' by Queen, my favourite band? I think that song fits Kirby nicely! :p
    I wasn't too familiar with that song, so I did a search on it and listened to it. It's pretty good, and has a good classic rock 'n roll sound to it.
    Well, I asked a YouTuber for permission, he said yes. What do you think of this Fountain of Dreams cover?

    It won't be commercial, just for fun. I don't care about money. The video will mostly just contain Kirbycides, along with a Hammer To Fall (Queen reference) and some combos.
    I love it!
    Hi, I remember sending you a message a while ago, my Smash hero! Just watching your videos again. You inspired me, I'm planning to make my own Kirby compilation (For Glory moments, Wii U).

    Where do you find good music to use? I'd like some good rock/metal covers of stuff like Fountain of Dreams, but many YouTubers who do those music pieces put it on there years ago and might not be active anymore.
    If you can't get a hold of the owners of the music, you might want to try OC Remix. http://ocremix.org/
    Also, if you are making a Smash video as a fan and not as a means to make money (which I'm guessing is your case), then you can usually use audio/video under normal copyright limits. Do a little research into that, because I'm not up to date on my copyright law.
    Hey man. Do you know how to contact mods? I want to get the Kirby Tournament Data thread stickied but Reserved isn't a moderator anymore.
    I don't know about contacting moderators. Never had to do it in all the years I've been here. XD
    I just wanted to say thank you for the advice you sent me. It'll definitely be a good point of reference for me if I'm ever in a bind.
    You're welcome. I'm always willing to help out another Kirby player. (^_^)
    Hi, I've heard lots of good things about you, on SmashWiki, and saw some of your videos. Awesome to see that there are still Kirby players out there who stick to the pink puffball, even in Melee! You really made me a better player, and I want to thank you for that.
    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know. I've done a lot with Kirby over the years and it's always nice to hear from people that I've helped.
    Once you finish the guide in the kirby subforum, will you be posting it smashboard's guides?
    Timmy do you have a capture card by any chance?? I need some footage of kirby's basic attacks BADLY. Im trying to create the frame data and i dont have a 3ds to do it myself. Help me pllllllz ;_;
    I would love to help out but, alas, I have no capture card.
    Hey I just noticed it's your 7th anniversary today. Happy anniversary Timmy!!
    Why best of 9? Wasn't it your point that it was impossible to do for a full match? Doesn't doing it for one match prove that it's possible?

    I'm not here to beat you in a tournament set, that never was my intention, all I care about is pointing out that it's a legit threat to the community. All we need is one match for that, unless you're trying to use the additional times to make me **** up.

    There's a movement for 10 miniutes, but it hasn't happened yet, I doubt it will take hold anywhere with a large community cause I know we already have problems running on time here.
    Ha ha ha, failed irony, put up or shut up. You and I both know that 8 minutes is whats relevant because thats what allows you to time somebody out whenever you get the lead, so if you're too scared to put your money where your mouth is, then stop spouting BS.
    I saw your post in the rule discussion thread and I just have to say this:

    "IDC money-match?"

    You win if you manage to get even 1% off me after I initiate IDC (invincibility frames have gotta kick in), I win if you fail to do so. The timer would be set to 8 minutes and the stage would be FD.

    Back in the day I used to be able to able to do it for a full 8 minutes consistently and I'll gladly get back in practice to take your money. How much you willing to put up?
    I don't know enough about Melee to argue the Kirby/Pichu debate, I just have a very strong feeling that nobody could possibly be worse than Kirby. Even if they DO damage themself with half their attacks.
    I just realized that I don't know how to post "profile messages" to people on this site. I only know how to post to my own profile. Allisbrawl.com is so much better. :p
    Bombchu Link
    Bombchu Link
    There is a comment button on the right so you know.... >
    Hiya Im Sorta New Here And Im Lookin 4 A Brawl Friend / Rival Think U Could Help Me Out Plus I Could Learn A Thing Or 2 (^_^)/
    Actually, you're not missing out on much if you don't know about Timmy Turner, that show stopped being good like a year ago lol.
    Let's start with these premises:
    1. wifi sucks.
    2. campy Toon Links on wifi are nearly impossible to beat with Kirby.

    for some reason the "Conversation Between t!MmY and Asdioh" is one of the links that is there when I open up Firefox's drop down thingy in the search bar. Not sure why.

    Maybe it means we should talk more, and discuss the intricacies of Kirby's existance and stuff.
    This is a totally random question. Do you still play Kirby against T0mmy's ROB? What do you think of the matchup?

    I was reading a post, and I remembered that ROB existed, and I didn't think it was too hard of a matchup, but I haven't played one in forever so I thought I'd ask you.
    Hello I was Wondering if I could have a online match with you. My nick is just pix. I am new to the boards but I am the best smasher in my town. Because of this I need help from you to get better at my game with kirby and olimar. Please respond I hope to have a match with you soon
    I bet all the mods are like "OMG it's t1mmy! Think he'll give me his autograph?!"


    I'm stuck here getting infractions for saying "sh*t".
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