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  • I'm going to watch as you don't get an infraction for that double post in your guide >.>

    stupid mods!

    I was just wondering about pro melee kirbies, and since there were only, like, 3 of you (you, omni and KK90), you might know each other...
    Just looking to grab that team combo video off you, the one with you and t0mmy, if you still have it that is. Youtube took it down due to copyright infringement and its been way too long since i've watched it.

    I've posted this on your AiB profile as well, but I'm hoping you're still online here >.>

    Feel free to do more research, while I post it on SWF and tell people that you did it, though they obviously won't read that part >.>

    I'd do research, but I can't right now...I can later today/tomorrow though...
    I know, I always end up posting on my own page, then having to go to their page and tell them XD
    *forwards infraction to you*

    Edit: k, can't pm it to you...

    Dear A1lion835,

    You have received an infraction at Smash World Forums.

    Reason: Minor Spam


    This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:

    Credit goes to t1mmy (original thread)

    *thread gets closed, gets an infraction*

    All the best,
    Smash World Forums
    If only WFC wasn't so flawed. guess I'll have to wait for Nintendo's next console to finally play against you. ^_^
    Yeah, I hear ya. But this is how I find my tournaments, since I can't convince the hosts to post on AiB more. -_-
    Well, there's no "Reply" option. Just "View Conversation" and "Report".
    AiB > this.
    I keep forgetting you reply to comments on your own page, so when I check back like a few weeks later, I'm like "Oh **** he replied >.<"
    Yeah, but I'm just sad that WFC isn't any good and that I'm not able to play them online. :\
    I know. There are too many 'profile messages' on all these different places for me to keep up with. X_X
    I don't play online in general. Online makes people play either really campy or really aggressive to abuse the lag. It's a smart strategy but I prefer mindgames and reactions. ;)
    I don't play on WiFi.
    I'm not also t0mmy.
    Yes, I made a guide for Kirby in Brawl. Check the Brawl Character section.
    Did you die?

    Karma for not maining just Kirby is getting to you. I TOLD YOU. It's ok though don't be nervous. I'm sure we can help you out. :p
    You should come down for ECB2. If not, then definitely the OMG. I'm going to be in Nevada and LA in the coming weeks, so I don't think I'll be in Portland for a while.
    Hey T!mmy, when are you coming up to portland next? I want to smash! Or perhaps I could go to Eugene?
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