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    Oregon Smash Community [OSC] - Oregon's official Smashboards Thread since 2005

    I decided to just add it into my Smashboards Signature. 👍 I'll try to get t0mmy to update the 1st post in this thread.
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    $100 Money Match - t1mmy (Kirby) vs t0mmy (Pichu)

    Saying who won would spoil the ending, now wouldn't it? ;)
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    Looking for Beaverton casuals (OR)

    I'm not from that area, but I hear there's an active scene. If you use Discord you could probably get info right away at one of the servers. Oregon Smash Community: Portland server:
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    Eugene area SSBU

    Hello @Furgs , I would point you to the Smash Club (held at University of Oregon) and Edge Weekly (held at Edge of the Wold game store), both in Eugene. Springfield has some events, but less regularly scheduled. If you'd like more information you could probably talk with the Oregon community...
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    Data The Official Kirby Match-up Thread

    @ChivalRuse You're going to have to give me a URL or clickable link for that thread you mentioned because I looked for it and didn't see it. I also looked through your posting history to try to find it but you have a lot of posts and SmashBoards no longer has the "advanced search" options to...
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    Ha ha, totally did not expect to see this here. Happy 21st anniversary, Smash Bros!

    Ha ha, totally did not expect to see this here. Happy 21st anniversary, Smash Bros!
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    Heroes Draw Near. Command? (Hero Social Thread)

    I don't watch much anime, nor read much manga, but I did happen across the old Dai anime not too long ago and watched the first episode. It was enjoyable and I didn't realize Dai was popular enough for them to keep things going into 2020 with new anime and a game project. I might get into...
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    So.... Kirby can Infinite...

    It tends to hit opponents upward, allowing them to SDI and escape, but it's great on fast fallers at lower percents. Here's the first video to showcase it:
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    Guide The Competitive Kirby [ver 2.1]

    Copying Laser from Fox doesn't necessarily make the Match Up much better for Kirby. First of all, he can use his lasers better than Kirby due to his mobility. Second, he has a Reflector (and Kirby does not). Third, Swallow is probably a better option than lasers in the MU. Fourth, getting hit by...
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    Pac NORTHWEST: WA - OR - BC - ID [social]

    I'm looking at going to Genesis 5 and hope to see fellow PNW players there as well.
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    Smash Wii U Oregon SSB4 Power Rankings discussion - Updating Spring 2016 (v1.1.5)

    Well, it seems like t0mmy addressed everything that was brought up. Meanwhile those who came in here to cry about it just made a stink and never bothered to come back and follow through with anything. Thank you for posting data-driven results. Opinion-based results can remain exclusively in...
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    Guide [SSB4] Kirby's Epic Guide (ver. 2.1)

    I updated the Up Throw data, above, with :4bayonetta::4bayonetta2: Bayonetta and :4corrin::4corrinf: Corrin.
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    Looking for Smash scene in Portland Area

    That was posted back in Nov. 2015. Up-to-date and immediate feed can be found on the Oregon Discord server:
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    Oregon Smash Community [OSC] - Oregon's official Smashboards Thread since 2005

    1.1.6 patch was sort of disappointing. It only addressed the Bayonetta uproar and didn't help any of the low tiers that desperately needed buffs. I'm hoping a 1.1.7 doesn't take too long to release. If you have FB, try looking for something close to that area on the Melee FB group.
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