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  • Retro, do you attend any tourneys anymore? I have gotten a lot better since the last time we played! ;D

    Also, do you do wifi? O:
    hello retro gamer i just remebered our first match at gamezone and i want a rematch for the better kirby cause i think i got better ps i almost beat co18 1stock 147 his ddd
    Wow... Gigs ended at like 7... I had to leave, so I didn't even get one match. Well at least me and my brother got to do doubles...
    Just wanted to stop by and give you some props for our matches at the tourney. Retro Your Kirby got skillz and his grab game is Ridiculous! Whenever you want to do friendlies im down. Oh yea one more thing, Pirate ship will 4ever be your stage!
    you did great bro

    you almost won the whole thing!
    haha see you around the store man and next time!
    stop by soon so we can do some more friendlies
    So, are you actually going to go to the Gamezone tourney? Just wondering because I'm gonna be able to go. :D
    Retro!!! I'll probably be at the next Gigabits tournament! So I'll hopefully see you there! To give you a beating! xP
    Hm, not much. I don't really understand what these 'profile messages' are. I think they're suppose to be like shoutouts from AllisBraw, but they're just confusing instead.
    I've been practicing with my brother trying to come up with better mindgames, and trying to learn some new AT's with him. Even though there aren't that many... D:

    SUPER 1337 HAPPPY AWESOME!(Our team name) Is going to make a come back. xD
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