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  • dunno. i'm bout to go over to columbus to go to a tourney tomorrow. Dunno what's gunna happen on sunday.
    Lol, I know "nobody special" is going to show up, that's not what I asked.

    And anytime Im not working, you pretty much just have to ask, cause I work random days.
    I mean, if you want to learn about some random guy, then sure.

    Um, if by tiny community you mean warner robins, then aside from me no. The only people I honestly think would be remotely worth anytime is speedace and liquidgen, but neither one of them are any kind of stellar. Speedace has actually put in some work and knows a few things, and he's the ONLY WR player I've met where DI crosses his mind at some point and time (although it's ridiculously too late). Everytime I talk to gen, he keeps wanting to get better, tries to get out to stuff, and actually keeps up with stuff.

    But yeah, even with those two included, nobody else around here is any kind of sharp in melee. I've yet to play ANY WR player with any real form of basic defense (DI mainly), any strategy or matchup knowledge, or any absurd amount of tech skill to cover flaws.

    That's just how it is.


    And you can totally get somewhere playing people like that, you just have to know how to practice and train, and they have to want to as well(to some degree). The guy I used to get me real good was a random guy in college who swore up and down falco was the cheapest thing ever created.

    BTW, how many people showed up to the smashfest friday?
    I really don't think I'm as good as people make me out to be, cause, like always, I know better. Alot of people know my personality and commentary, quite a few people consider me a good, knowledgable player, but afaik I'm not "the guy you don't want to get matched up with in brackets", aside from a few specific people.

    Well, we just redid the power rankings and i got dropped down to 5th cause I don't go to as many tourneys as others. Some people say I should be any spot from 5th up to first, although I know for a fact I shouldn't be first. I've never beaten chaddd.

    Um, game knowledge, I overall know more stuff than most people in state. Like, character specific, i'm easily the most knowledgable doc in the world. No question about it, and I wish somebody would try and challenge it because it sucks that nobody can really help me like I need it.

    I'm not really well know, like I keep trying to tell you. Part of it is because there aren't any great docs out there (that includes HMW and shroomed), and part of it is because when I DO go to tourneys, I dont ***** recording setups like everybody tends to do in the smash community. I really don't care that much for it.

    Compared to HMW and Shroomed, I tend to think in my mind that I'm overall better than both of them. Seeing as I've never wound up at a tourney with them, nobody can really say. Realistically, I coulda went to pound 4 and did exactly the same, better, or worse than they did. Unless one of us won (or placed like, single digits) it really don't matter.

    I've helped them both out with alot of stuff in their game, and I still do (i mean, I just typed an essay ON THE DOC FORUMS telling shroomed why he got destroyed by kage. He doesn't want to read it, he just wants to try to muscle his way through a matchup Doc can't do that with.)


    Now, my question is, why do you keep asking these things?
    I've played him like, twice. He came down to one of the LG monthlies. I 4 stocked him for a while with random block. He had absolutely no di, no strats, no matchup knowledge, no meta history, nothing like that. Typical casual player. So I just tried random crap like I do everybody who's not in the tourney scene.

    I basically started him over with Falco, taught him some basics (how to defend himself. Advanced "how to defend himself"), showed him a few falco techs, a few gimmicks, etc etc.

    Seeing as you asked a blatant "how good is he compared", he doesn't. Like, the brawl community would probably jank on him in (in melee, and I'm talking about the brawl players who try to play melee and fail miserable, not lou and kismet who are getting there, and not rayku and umby, who are actually melee players.)

    If he went to a tourney and beat anybody, i'd seriously be surprised.

    I'm not trying to be harsh. I'm being realistic.
    I said I dont mind. And I don't know about the friend thing, I could really only care less about it. If it didn't add, my bad and oh well.
    see, like tonight. I had some people over here playing smash, asked them if they wanted to go. One of them was BJ, the others heard about the tourney. None of them want to go. I'm not going to force anybody to go because I have practice here.
    ATL South region boards. Realistically, it SHOULD go in the social board in ATL South since its not a tourney, but sometimes they let threads stay in the main atl south board, sometimes they don't. The point is that it's not a tourney, so it shouldn't go in tourney listing.

    Realistically, they need to scrap tourney listings and just have a calander for major tourneys or something. That's the ONLY thing that really gets looked at in there anyway.


    And that's what I keep trying to tell you, there's no draw for people to WANT to drive 2 hours down here. Aside from Legendary Games tourneys that threw free money at people, there never has been. That's why I drive up there, and every once in a while people are nice and drive to me. That's how it goes when it comes to practice. The only reason they'd WANT to come is a tourney, but it's already been proven that most people won't even come here with guaranteed pots.

    They're not going to tell you what they want, they're just going to sit with their crews like they've done forever and continue to play. That's how it goes. As for people in warner robins, it's really nothing but a bunch of casuals anyway. Kyd, Speedace, and Scott are the only people who I've EVER heard want to travel to a tourney (they went with me a few years ago, and actually just asked me to go to a tourney last week, but i was told the wrong date), but beyond them, the ONLY other people i've heard of in warner robins that has any interest in tourneys (which is important for making smashfests happens) is liquidgen.

    I mean heck, I remember like, last year or 2 years ago I got invited to one of SBrown's smashfests at his house, had like 30 people there. Nothing but scrubs except for the 4 listed above and Sbrown. AFAIK, i've never seen a single one of those people at another tourney and if I did, they were free. They don't want to practice, they just want to randomly play a game they think they're ok at, and then complain when they lose to somebody who actually gives a flip.

    That's where a lot of the bad rep comes from.

    Most people in WR say they want stuff like this, but they always flake when it comes out. Realistically, that's how EVERYBODY outside of majors cities are in GA. (Major cities being ATL and surrounding cities, Columbus, Savannah, and Augusta. I'll even spot you Albany although they ONLY have a smash crew that don't go to ****.)


    As for me going out, all I've ever cared about is being able to sit down and actually practice stuff. Which means being able to sit down and play singles, or at the least doubles. I could care less about anything else. I've had and have horrible practice as is. I used to practice with a guy who complained about everything under the sun, and for the past ... half a year or so, the only real practice I've had in melee is forcing BJ to play just so i can practice tech on a moving target. Both of those are actually worthwhile compared to playing FFAs. That's YET ANOTHER REASON why WR has a bad rep, and yes, people have actually pointed it out to me. If and when they come down, if I ever point them to a crew of WR people, they're sitting around playing FFAs like scrubs, never play casuals, and wonder why nobody comes back.

    As for getting me SPECIFICALLY go to, like I said, it's all about getting worthwhile practice in. Big names? In warner robins playing smash? Like I said, if ANYBODY is coming to practice in WR, they're more than likely coming to my house anyway. I'm not trying to be an *** about it, I'm straight up telling you what's BEEN happening. And it doesn't happen often, because it's easier and better for me to go travel to people anyway. Although there is a group from columbus that comes here often (heck, they actually come like, 2 or 3 times a month when i think about it), it's easier for me to drive there and practice with the 10/15 of them than have 3 of them come here. They're not all good, but they want to get better, so they want to do the right things.


    In the end, you're really just throwing up a prayer that's trying to get WR people to come out; and as far as I'm concerned they don't exist. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, and try as much as you want, I just all the reasons written in my mind to why it shouldn't work and I see it time and time again when people try.

    Legendary games tried to do something to this effect, look where they're at. Play'n'Trade tried, look where they're at. Hell, I have a friend who "runs a gaming tournament company", and even he realizes that the only people he got to show for his tourneys were random NHS brawl players... who NEVER showed up again after they lost one time.
    well, lets see.

    First, you posted both threads in the wrong forums. You're holding smashfests, not tourneys. You posted both threads in tourney forums. XD

    Second, and somebody pointed it out, for what time and day you're posting, you're really not going to get anybody outside of warner robins (and WR doens't go on smashboards). Melee players (older people) arent going to drive down here on a friday night. I mean heck, if and when I get people to drive down here, they show up 11am or earlier. Brawl players (kids) are getting out of school, then you're asking them to beg their parents to drive them 2 hours.

    Seeing as you don't know the community, you've put no stress on the fact that it's a teen center, which means alot of people will have to go out of their way to smoke if they want to. That alone will make some of the melee crowd not bother (let alone everything else mentioned)
    I... guess? I dunno. If it's just a smashfest, I don't see why I need to help. You just put info and time and people go play.
    check what, the thread? I did, and I saw that. That's why I copy pasted exactly what you put on the post. I'm not surprised, you guys had absolutely no clue what you were doing, and I figured out real quick that all you did was copy/paste some rules from somewhere and typed some stuff at the bottom without paying attention.

    That's the kinda stuff that turns people away. I'm not going to lie, i'm not putting the next tourney on my calander, it'll be a play-it-by-ear kind of thing. I know BJ never wants to go to another one, seeing as a small 3 man tourney was the most poorly ran tourney he (or I) have EVER heard about. I'm not going to sit here and tell him "it's going to be better", that's not my job and it's not my job to prove otherwise. Even if it was a first tourney, there was too much unexcusable stuff that just flat out can't be overlooked.
    As This is a church sponsered event the door fee was put in place but the pot will come frm attendance as always as of now there is no garentee but please just come to have fun and enjoy yourself with your Favorite games. there will also be refreshments.as this post is a work-in-progress contact me through my acount if you have any questions.


    That's your quote from the thread.

    So first thing you did was contradicted the mess out of yourself at the tourney when you said there was no door fee. That's the point of a door fee, so that pots dont get chopped. Where the venue gets the money isn't my problem as a participant in a tourney. Where the OTHER tourneys get their money doesn't matter to me as a participant as a tourney. Unless it's stated, I (the participant) am assuming that everybody's money is in the pot.

    Second, now that I just caught that line, you never put any contact info in the thread. I had somebody who actually wanted to ask you something but couldn't get ahold of you the day of.

    Next, all I know about the Halo community is from the LG tournaments. It's not anything big because they're in WR, and WR has no gaming communities, period. I highly doubt they'd be willing to go to the tourneys because of how they'll wind up being ran and pot splits. Most of the people stopped going to the tourneys because they were dominated by 2 teams, both of which actually travel to tourneys I think ( I know one of the teams went to MLG ). I mean if you're crazy enough to try feel free, but the only way I could really see it working out is if you added money to the pot to get people to go.

    All in all, you guys need to learn how to run a tourney and actually stick to it. From what I'm told, they actually wound up running brawl+ for the tourney. I hope that wasn't really the case, as that's a complete shaft to people who went to play brawl. Even if it wasn't, it's horrible that neither one of you guys could actually EXPLAIN what was going on.

    And LOLOLOL at you asking me what happened to LG when BJ was at the frickin tourney friday. They closed the store for a while cause they don't get enough business. They're still looking to run tourneys out of somewhere (BJ might settle for the net, although he really doesn't want to. I dont blame him), but the store is only online atm.

    I tried to be nice about it, but dear god friday was a mess. And like I was telling gen, I probably woulda looked past 90% of it if I'da got to actually get some practice in the end, but with all the kids around and with the way the WR community is, I'm forced to have to sit through FFAs. -rolls eyes- Atleast I know things don't change around here.
    lol, i like how half the pot got chopped with absolutely no warning. Either that, or a payout that makes absolutely no sense.
    a projector.... *looks behind him* lol, I just bought y splitters. I'm so using that projector. It'd be sweet as mess if it didnt lag already.
    Most people are pretty upset that it actually got moved to CP. Obviously Fox mains are mad for that (and because corneria, green greens, and floats are gone, but they had too much CP power anyway), but half the people in the MBR were acting like PS was ONLY good for Spanimals and not for other characters in other matchups.

    So yeah, that was and is a HUUUUUUUUGE deal.

    Like, people are super skeptical about pound4 results because of it.


    How many tvs does this place have btw?
    pokemon stadium got moved to counter pick.

    and i dunno what i'll be doing for new years, probably wind up at somebody's place training for something, I dunno. New years isn't a big thing, along with most holidays.
    #1: Oh no wonder I didn't see the tourney, you posted it in the big tourney section. I mean, it's not your fault, it's SWF stupidity. You'd THINK that all tourneys should go there, but that place is pretty much for regionals and nationals.

    #2: Where'd you come up with that stage list? Cause it looks like a modified version of the one that JUST came out. I mean, it's not a problem, but if you're going to do it, then PS is CP.

    #3: -thinks- Dunno if I really want to bring my 360 for something like this. Screw it.
    Ok. I mean that's a pretty small window for a post, but ok.

    And if I bring a copy, do i get free venue? If not, screw it.
    And I mean, while you're being vague and leaving out details, what's RB2?

    *edit* I googled. I'da never thought of that trash dear god. :/
    How bout a time? That's pretty important.

    How bout a street name? or an actual name of the place.

    What are the rules.

    And I might be willing to bring SF4 or SC4, i dont know.
    I dunno. I guess i'd be willing to go to the one on the first.

    But an LOI tourney? I'm straight on that. I've learned my lesson from dealing with that nonsense.
    Axe smells nasty. Chess is fun. I was overloaded with stuff, spoiled tbh.

    But my favorite gift was a plush penguin. ftw
    I got a bunch of money. That's all I ever ask for seeing as my parents stopped giving me games years ago.
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