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  • *Screw PM*

    I said "Skilled player" dont fall for eruption.
    Play Olimar to improve your Ike grab games. 'nuff said.
    GGs close games. Lag made my marf Uair on the ledge ol SD. I blame it on laggy input delay lol. If wifi didn't have lag online rankings would be legit. Lemme guess you main ike and second lucario? Nice force palm combos with lucario btw. Diddy dittos are lol. We should have some more friendlies soon.I need the ike and lucario exp.
    Lol a list. We should play later tonight.....by that i mean once i finish my homework haha. Btw I'm trying to main diddy and hes hard to learn. Atm my best is marth and falco.
    Ike v Zelda on wifi is seriously hard for Zelda to win.

    We'll just have to see what happens :ooo
    lol yeah you're definitely good. I would like to play you again with my mains next time x_x

    Friends :o)
    Yeah me neither lol. Have you found a partner/best friend on here yet? I'm lookin for one and was just wondering...
    Hello DTK, I am the Prime Minister of the Republic.

    So I received a letter of recommendation based on a request.
    Come DTK! Let us take a walk.
    *puts hand on back*
    Let us discuss in private.
    Yeah good luck to you too. If we give it our all I'm sure we can make it pretty far. I look forward to seeing you too.
    My friend was online, maybe he played you under my tag, i have ranged connection, remember?:p
    Haha no you weren't! I didn't realize the wii needed to have wireless internet, my fault for forgetting the important stuff, I was at a buddy's place and wanted to show him some online matches of brawl and you were a good candidate :) but his wireless just recently broke :(
    Wait, you no edgehog, and dont take advantage of opportunities...
    Nor know what signals a crew battle .__.
    Nvm, i'll go find sh33n 4 mahself...
    Ok, one last thing: too bad your location thingy says you're in California. You could EASILY become one of my best friends if you lived in North Carolina.
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