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  • Hey were you that one Ike that I played wayyyyy back at Inui's Harry Potter and the Planking Metaknight? lol It's Will, the DK you played in the last moments of friendlies at that tourney =)
    I only got to watch the end sorry. Seems like you improved though.
    ROFL hard for me to point out now since of course I wouldn't remember the match but I remember a lot of missed followups, a lot of awkward inaccurate tilts and aerials. Maybe I'm just being too critical because I'm used to near-perfection with Ike. But that's how you're gonna have to be playing as Ike, you have to cover up all his bad qualities by being perfect and not missing any auto-cancels and using the illusion of lag to your advantage. That's what I do :)
    lol! Nah, I won't be there today =( next week I'm going to CTF again sometime so I'll let you know. If worse comes to worse I can always send them to you via mail, no extra charge :)
    lol yeah my bf knows him too, he used to go to a lot of his tournies. I'm not sure what time exactly I'll be there but I'll most likely be there around 7pm. If anything changes I'll let you know. Ummm I'm not sure I remember what you look like LOL! But I'll most likely be the only blondeish girl there XD I'll be hanging out with D1 and Jumpman as well.
    I'm not exactly sure but I believe it should work. I mean the ability to create a replay over 3 minutes is the only thing being modified with the code. Playing it shouldn't be related so it probably could work on a different Wii. I'm actually interested to know, try it and let me know.
    Thanks, I hardly think I'm one of the best but I'd love to fight you :) I'm going to be in the city on Wednesday, I'm going to Chinatown Fair. If you can't do it then I'm available this Sunday as well.
    Umm yah why would you update...That was probably it. You should have deleted the channel then updated. If it's not installing anew then I guess you're screwed. It HAS to be because you updated, no other reason...
    Never actually had that problem on any Wii. I don't understand how that's possible when I installed Homebrew on each and every Wii there and we started the game directly after FROM the channel. How is it not working now.. *_*
    I don't have any for sure plans for any tournaments in the near future but I think I might be going to DJ's smashfest. At the moment, kinda going through some stuff so there isn't much emphasis on Brawl in general at the moment, although I still definitely play it.
    I might play on Wifi but I won't travel anywhere for smash sorry. I only practice like a week or two before tournies and that's usually at Shin Bowser's smashfests.
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