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Lord Khanti
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  • Hi Khanti, I recently saw your textures/csps topic. Is there any chance you could upload your newfiles folder (the ones with the raw .tga files)?
    We both enjoy it, for fun. I'm not big on making it tournament standard, nor practicing on and neither is he. I still prefer Melee :)
    Yeah try to focus on your best charaacters so you can develop them more though. Competition is gonna get crazy now that there's actual combos and ****.
    Ike and Ness so far. I might branch out into a few more low/mid tiers because a lot more characters are fun to play now with actual combos..
    Hmm dam that sucks because I'm booked for a SF4 tournament that same weekend. Dam man if it was another weekend I would go to the Hofsra tourney but yeah I already prereg'd for the SF4 tourney. But yeah I'm loving Brawl+ and I feel like with enough support it might become a mainstay and completely overshadow regular old boring Brawl heheh. I'll still play regular Brawl if it comes to it but Brawl+ is muuuuch preferred
    That is a cute helmet, it reminds me of that girl who wears the helmet fake anime on Genshiken.
    Yeah I went. I didn't do that well, though. Eh. It was my first regional. I had to play MalcomM second round, which kinda sucked. Oh well. Cool stuff though. Are you going to Castl Golf on saturday?
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