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  • Damn... I always miss your messages!!! Also, I sleep a little earlier cause I wake up so early too. Dx

    I saw you on the AiB Free Play chat. I guess you were busy when I PM'ed you. Heh, hopefully I'll see you again soon. Also look for sH33n. I'm sure he'd like to WiFi too! :bee:
    Yo hey sure, if your still there. =D

    I've gotten pretty mediocre at my Wi-Fi buffering though. I got a job a week after Poly and it's gotten in the way of smashtime!

    Edit: Aw dang... I was away I didn't get your message in time. :ohwell:
    Dude, I saw you! Hahaha, I was sitting right next to you. I even watched you match my friend Hiei (Yes, I was that guy (ICs) brawlin' Sheen). I loved watching your IC's! You're one of the reasons I picked them up as secondaries and with the white color. Dude, you can CG Marth! I can only CG lights and some medium wieghts. I saw your timings, I hope I can remember them. :laugh:

    You should have stayed for the tourny!! It was soooo cooooll!!!!!!! I had an awesome run. I did so nice. Plus, I wanted to brawl you offline too! It was awesome meeting you though. I hope you enjoyed them fries!

    Oh, as far as Wi-Fi, aw man I'm sooo beat. I'd love to brawl ya sometime soon, though, definetly!
    That sounds great! Hey, so can ya add me online?
    (My FC: 0303-5969-3308)
    My old data got corrupted so I had to delete it along with my FC data. I think I found your new(?) FC while browsin' the IC's thread. You were one of the better Brawlers around here. I'd like to say I've gotten a whole lot better but that's for my opponents and actions to say.:)
    Hahaha, yeah thats the one I'm planing to go to!! Yo if your going to be there... that get my adrenaline pumping! It was so awesome we got minimal lag.
    Presh... I don't know what to say... You're the first person I came across who can play like that... Those wins for me were just a mere fluke! I need to practice against people like you, I'm going to attend a tourney soon. I... just don't know what to say...

    I had to go though, to bad you got disconnected unless it was me... Heheh. I will definetly want to see you online again. My little brother is playing Brawl online right now so... that's not me.
    Online verification isn't necessary. Anyone that wants to participate only needs to show up on time for registration. I plan to start singles when doubles is near it's end, and I think this will be at about 2pm, so registration for singles would end at about 1 - 1.30. Leaving to get food is perfectly fine at any time during the event except in the case that we do pools. Except notify me personally when you are leaving the venue for any reason so I don't end up DQing you.
    Um... yes, thats what I said.

    The jigglypuffs think it's only 55:45 in MK's favor
    The MK's think its around 30:70
    it was actually really good
    around 80 people showed,but there were so many chairs and wii's that getting in a few friendlies wasn't so hard lol

    the only bad part..is the price it was 30 bucks in total:(

    i didn't do so well in both singles and doubles,i bombed lol
    I use the same controls,

    what you want to do is charge the smash up as if you were going for the kill with nana while holding with popo and as soon as you let go of Z for the charged fsmash immediatly grab with the Z button, the timing is kinda difficult but with practice you should be able to do it
    haha now that i see your profile pic ,i remember you
    i can't believe i caught up in that ike vs marth match lol

    yea i'll be coming next week:D
    we can do friendlies if we can get hold on a wii lol
    people seem to hog it
    Sup Phresh! Great games at Polytech; I was really impressed with your ICs. And yes, I'll definitely be going to Polybrawl 2 this Saturday. I'm sure that since this upcoming one is expected to be bigger, there will be more setups available.
    Thanks, and yeah I am. I have a free entry anyway. (I split 2nd and 3rd with NL, but I took the entry and he got the extra $10). Btw, your ICs are really on point with your grabs. Even the best ICs players I see mess it up a lot, but you hardly did at all.
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