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  • Hey Dmt this is Phresh.
    I will be attending PolyBrawl with a friend of mines & 2 others but they don't have Aib or Smashboards. Since im only joining singles & doubles is 1st, I can leave the venue to go 2 a fast food & come back right ? Also, do the people that im comming with have 2 create a Aib or Smashboards in order 2 verify there selves ?
    I am good at getting ppl to get hit by vanish! Though i do kill my self pulling it off the side of the level with the dash off side vanish trick. Do you know what % vanish kills at i cant seem to find any data on the forms. I know there a placse that talks about ko % and ppl asked them to look into vanish kill % but it never did seem to get worked out.
    What about F titl chain into up smash how often do you land that? It seems like a realty good ko tool. that my biggest toble with shiek well any one for that madder its landing the ko.
    That the way i have it set up just it seems soo random for me to pull it off. Do you have to be able to pull off DASU to sweet spot up smash? I have tried to get ppl who like to short hop a lot but i always mess up the timing.
    I see thank you for the info. I would love to make my sheik better but i seen to run into a block where i just simply cant seem to progress any more. I always seem to mess up F titl chaining and i cant do DASU for the life of me. Do you have any suggestion on what i should do?
    I forgot to post this earlier but I forgot to get the money back for bringing a Wii. And it'd be nice if I could get a few bucks for recording everything and all that, but it's w/e. I guess i'll get that from you next tourny I see you at.
    So my ride for Poly cancelled on me today so I won't be there with my TV's and Laptop and stuffz. Just wanted to let you know before the tourny.
    It's alright, don't worry about it. I forgot about it completely myself. I'll definitely help spread the word for your Brawl tournament. Let me know if you guys do any Melee stuff as well, I would love to get in on some of that, ha ha.
    It's cool, don't worry about it. I normally have some guys come over on Fridays to play as a small group.

    It would be awesome to get some events going. The guys I generally hang out like to play Melee, but I'm sure there are people around in NYU who would also appreciate being able to play Brawl with Poly people.
    Hey DMT.

    I'm a friend of HAB from NYU. I was told you're part of the PolyTech smash scene. I'm trying to set up an NYU smash tournament, and was wondering if people from PolyTech would like to attend, or even just come down whenever and play smash with NYU people.

    This is just an idea, so feel free to let me know how possible (or impossible) it is.
    My memory card should be in your Wii, that was yours on the T.V near the door right? My Melee disc should also be in that Wii as well. Please bring it back to me. I will call you if you don't respond back via PM. I can get my stuff at any day this week since I pass by poly on my way to City Tech. I could get it tommorow to since I have to bring my Wii with me to the club at City Tech for training sessions for the tourney on Thursday. I rather get my stuff back immediately so pick a time tommorow I should be around the area around 1:45 pm.
    DMT, my memory card should be in your Wii if that wii was yours near the door I was playing at. Me and SL84 was playing Melee on that Wii before it was switched to play TvC.
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