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  • I don't really understand the disagreement between SRK and SWF. I go on both sites and post on both sites, both have very stupid people which I won't bother mentioning (IE all those numbnuts who leave pokemons/small gif/imgs after their posts thinking their HUGE YELLOW BOLD NAME isn't enough to differentiate them from the rest.) Sometimes I wonder how it changed so much from before Brawl...
    lol your blog got closed at the first post.
    10 non-conformists
    I totally agree with what you said about the communtiy as a whole. But items spawn randomly so I don't really think that's a great idea, but the fact that it wasn't even tested and just accepted from the way it was in Melee irks me =/
    I'm your next opponent for my tourney (That is taking way to long to finish)
    I plan on making the deadline for Friday, or sunday, not sure yet
    Hey we have a match for DTP's Singles tournament, I'll go ahead and add you. Let me know when you're ready.
    That may be a problem, because I might be going to a Halloween party that will last through the night. :/ We'll see how things turn up.

    What about Saturday? Are you free any time then?
    Hiya BT! You and I have been matched up in FMOI's tournament, "Helter Skelter", for the first round. We need to get our matches in before Saturday, so it'd be best if we can get them done as soon as possible.

    I was stalking your profile a bit, and it seems that you may have a very different schedule from me. When you're on, I'm about to go to sleep, and when you log off, I'm in school. What times can you be on, and what timezone do you live in? I can be on from 3:30PM to 9-12PM (depends on the day), and I live in EST.

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