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  • Ha. I haven't been on here since the 29th of last month it's crazy. I actually never got hired anywhere. I'll probably be hired the middle of this month though. At Wal-mart for the christmas rush.
    Anyways message me back for a brawl sometime, I'm gonna try to keep checking back.
    Sorry for the wait on my replay lol. I never get to have a moment to myself nowadays.
    We oughta play some tomorrow. I should be able to.
    Yeah that's pretty much what does it, play guys like ary and you learn how they think at some point. After that you do what they do.
    Mcdonalds is gonna suck, I'd rather work anywhere else lol.

    my fox is still good

    dude your improvement, was tremendous. i still remember the first tournament where i went up against your falco.

    so wow son, you should be really proud you made it so far
    Yeah Penta used to be, okay at best but he suddenly jumped up in skill massively, pretty much it's a trend around here to do that from what I can tell haha.
    Yeah Mcdonalds. I'd say Wal mart is probably the better choice lol. My local walmart isn't hiring though. Mcdonald's is pretty much the only place that is honestly.
    I'll get you added. I'm excited to see how you'll play now too. You were up there with Penta as the best Ike I'd seen and he's beating guys like Ary now. If you improved like he did you'll be insane lol.
    Where do you plan to work? I just applied at Mcdonald's today haha.
    Dude, I was just wondering what happened to you today lol. We'll definitely need to play, I've improved a lot.

    I've not been up to much though. Getting my first job soon. You?
    Nope, no AIB account. I never bothered to even visit the site lol. We definitely need to play though. Tell me when you get net back asap.
    Probably worse. Haha. I won't play CPUs at all. Can't stand'em. My friend always wants to do FFAs with them and I'll never do it.
    Yeah, we've got the worst weather ever. It's been thunderstorming off and on where I'm at, then it gets really sunny a few days, then it'll like, snow tomorrow I'm sure lol. There's never anything to do here either, there's like two or three actual cities here max.
    Ah, alright. So you're still in Kentucky? Hate it for you dude. This has gotta be the most boring state in America. Lol.
    wth no im pretty sure you can still hack it if you have wii menu 4.0

    and that's just a meh reason anyways
    why the new wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Too cool mah boi! I'll add you tomorrow! will you be able to brawl then? maybe Saturday?

    Yeah Ben is too awesome....just....ugh...he owns so much...His friend AndymkII wasn't as bad as I though he was going to be lol. He was actually kinda good... >_>

    I can't wait to play you again! tell ben the same plox!
    well i've gotten a bit better recently, though i've been preforming well on and off as usual. i haven't been playing wifi much because the people who are fun to play aren't on much.
    hehe, well maybe i'll see you on sometime. i think i'm going to be cutting down on brawl though.
    A new wii?!? Wha- Why!

    Just send me a message when I'm online, I've been at the computer less and less so someone might hear the Bing or something...Or all awnser it when I get back on or ehatever. xD
    For homebrew? Just gecko and a bunch of emulators. If you didn't know, you have to download .dol files and put them in their own folders inside a folder called apps on the root of your SD. Wiibrew has links to pretty much every application for use in homebrew.
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