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  • ggs today man. I found it funny that everytime i used diddy you used an Alt and every time you used wolf, i used an alt xD. Lulzy upsmash in snake vs ganon
    Heh, it was me who took a long time lol. I had a virus had to wait until my bro came and checked it out. But yeah we should make plans! I'll check more often sorry 'bout that. Hm it's understandable you have a job now, not just that RL too. Whenever you're good hit me up and I'll try to get back to you ASAP Blazer/Also good to hear from you.
    Sorry for the long wait mah boi. Got that new Wii already Blazer, I'm usually on daily again. A little rusty but I'll get used to playing soon enough. So here is my new FC: 4855-5620-9581 hopefully we can have epic stuff. I'll add yours shortly! :)
    uh...sorry, but no, and i didn't 3 stock you, i think i won 2-0, 1 stock both matches
    Yup, one good band is Dropkick Murphys. Death metalish? Nope, I hate death metal though I have alot of favorite genres. That's nice, I'm starting school in 2 weeks.
    Hmm Irish folk music...I think I might like this guy. You already started school? Over here, its 107 >_> Ok, he is a douche for being 40 minutes late.
    Yeah, sorry, I kinda have a temper with losing but yeah, I would never break a friendship over a silly game.
    Amazing. You're really pro Blazer and so is your friend. You did improve and I'm really looking forward when we can play again. I saw them all good stuff epic and all that. What amazed me most was your flash game and excellent use of Wolf's aerials. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Oh and please forget about the FC I gave you earlier. My Wii just broke down so I'm going to get a new one sometime soon. Just stopped reading all game discs.
    Alright. Yeah I noticed lots of people got plenty good recently. I asked Aryman months ago how did he get ''so good'' he replied by playing good people. You may be right about it being a trend.

    No johns for working at Mcdonalds, har har!
    Yeah I still want to have those matches ( I can't right now), I see that you main wolf and my characters have very little experience fighting Wolfs
    I remember Penta I never played him but I heard about him. Is he really that good? I've seen some of his stuff but I didn't really feel impressed to tell the truth.
    And yeah can't wait to play you! You're the best Wolf I know. Mcdonalds huh? I'm going out for Walmart. >_< Hope you do good there.
    Alright then. I can't imagine how good you'll be now, you were super beasty with Wolf before. :| I guess it's safe to say I did too. Here is my FC then 1720-1749-5422 I'll add yours now.
    Awesome news about you getting a job soon, I'm working on my first but not sure when I should. Good luck with that. :]
    Blazer! After much hassle I'm finally playing brawl online again. If you still want to, let me know so we can add each other again. Oh, and besides that what's up?
    oh, that.
    well everyone has problems with brawl. i hated that i was trying to airdode but you just kept hitting me around in the air until i died or sd'd. blame sakuari.
    ggs blazer.
    i have a new internet connection but we still have input lag like last time.
    wolf's lazer is evil. lol
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