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  • Damn. Bit of a wait.

    Oh right. If Sonic is confirmed for Smash4. I'll get myself a WiiU too :seuss:

    When's that coming out?

    Don't you have free (although maybe crappy) game that comes with the WiiU?

    You people and your hot weather :mad079:

    It's just incredibly catchy. That kid at the start though. Stylingggg. I get such a feeling of superiority cause those people seem to have never been exposed to kpop before.

    Not sure why you're surprised lol. Our weather is horrible.

    Nah man. If I set my ringtone to Gangnam Style though, I bet my styles points would sky rocket. White people durrr.

    I know the feeling. I still question why I go through with this. Half the work isn't necessary but it's just required for tutorials. A little piece of me dies inside everytime I go to a lecture, it's incredibly soul destroying.

    Good stuff, all the best to ya. College is fun (for me anyway lol) And... *checks time* shouldn't you be asleep?

    By the way, Kupo needs troll shock treatment and you're the only one who can troll hard enough to accomplish the task. So get on that operation ASAP.
    To think I had almost forgotten to get at you about this avatar you are currently using.
    Just had to go out and get the closest to street-corner-hugging Cheria avi as possible hm?

    Surprised Jimmy hasn't posted anything yet... then again, I may have just jynxed it. o. o
    Ode to Ramen - by Ugg

    "The life of being trolled sucks."

    This is one quote of the best Pit main of all time, Ramen.

    I'm here today to honor the one and only Prince Ramen. He's a genius. Not only does Ramen have an IQ that needs to be measured in scientific notation, he can think his way to the moon and back while simultaneously proving the existence of God. Blindfolded.

    The only reason Ramen doesn't have devastating tournament results in every nation is because every TO in the world was informed to not let this deity within a 500-foot radius of their venue. Prince Ramen doesn't even have to be playing the tournament in order to win. Ramen is able to JV-4 stock the TO, Round 1 bye, and any contestant possible all at once in a 1v3 while they have TA off.

    Prince Ramen won a tournament only using Pit's Down B and a portion of his 123489234 jumps. Ramen's post-tournament hobbies include searching for more tournaments, signing up for more tournaments, and winning more tournaments. The only reason Ramen isn't the richest man in the world due to the collective sum of all of his tournament winnings is because of government taxes. This is partly why Prince Ramen also believes in dictatorship.

    Don't **** with Ramen.

    Ramen's tacos are so good that they impregnate women once their tongue comes in contact with them.
    Must be some extremely, EXTREMELY short shorts.... o. o
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