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  • the 360 is nice, very nice! i mainly play cod4. I would like to play, this weekend?
    I got a 360 and moved on. I p[lay melee some times with ninjaconker.Brawls too slow.
    But ill be happy to relive my roots and play some with you and teron. PS my ba\day was the 10th. Wish me a belated happy birthday!! jk
    Yah bro teron told me. Mainly fps's i think. I've started picking up ness a tad because i got him twice in a row with the same color on random(ITS A OMEN!) Also Random a lot. Should be fun stuff.
    Yha bro like sunday. Im booked sat. running a 5k.

    So u pick up any new chars? Herd u got a ps3
    I'll be able to add you and Teron once I'm able to sign in on Wi-Fi regulalrly again. Roughly in a week, but yeah really looking forward to playing you/ seeing new connection.
    hey ur not a smash n00b no more. and since ebd's gone under i havent been able to chill wit u.(I joined hasaki just so i can play zhou once in a while. he rejoined)
    Oh! Forgot you and Ben had some brawls, right? He told me about them. Wasn't that long but epic! Can't wait to play you two again. :p
    Hai. Here is my new FC: 0903-9804-7495. I'll add your's/Teron's when I'm back on. Yeah I'm able to get on Wi-Fi again. :)
    Lol I CAN play now online. Although I had to get a new Wii so we'll have to register each other again. :/
    My MSN isn't comepletly on so I'm sure we missed each other a few times. I'll add your new one when I'm back on.
    Lol, everyone but my sister is fine with me playing online. Also it looks like I'll be here for a month or two. Anyway I know in time I'll be able to convince her. >_>
    So what's up with you in brawl, gotten better? Oh, and also when do you usually get on MSN? I haven't seen you on recently. ;D
    Sadly I dont have an xbox YET. I've been saving for months :(
    wow so the ps3 is really that fun huh?
    I've only tried some games on it from fmilys house. games like COD=WAW,and Redident Evil5, and Street Fighter 4.

    So I'll take you up on that brawl offer whenever ya want. I'm just bored bcuz I cant go out durning Finals Week :(

    and........................I'm fine thanks for asking and you??
    HYESZ! I've been really bored :(A All the friends I hang out with are REALLY bad at Brawl
    And nobodys online >_<
    (Brawl is only fun game on Wii I have) So yes I canz play!!!

    And nah it's k if ya wanna use Olirmar.
    Ah you got it. It indeed was ''Campbell'' thanks for the correction. Well I'm visiting my sister and her family. Her Husband works for the army he's been given his own house here, so we're spending our time here in this fort! It's pretty big it's own city in a way... I wonder how our connection will be if I'm able to set this up mah boi. ;)
    True a pretty amazing team. We need to join future tournaments and such. :D
    Also we need to play moar, yeah you're too right. Well Ben's been on Wi-Fi a lot I suppose you two get on at the wrong time, lol? I'm currently in Kentucky (Fort Campell I think it was.) right now. I CAN play online but it might be asking too much over here. The internets and the TV's are far too apart from each other. :'(
    Hey what's up with that message about Carlton? I-I think I got it... I LOVE YOU! :3
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