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The Halloween Captain

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  • I completly forgot how I signed in, but after that it's pretty easy, just type the name of the thing you want on google/wikipedia (e.g.Mario) and if you're lucky, you would easily get the japanese name (マリオ), just put that in your search engine in Pixiv (or whatever you call it) and you get pictures.

    Hope that made sense :dizzy:
    On a site called Pixiv, I was just testing it out, I might use it for halloween...or when I get bored of Peach.
    Hey whats up?
    The Conduit clan thing is stupid. Why have 2 different files for playing.
    I was wondering if you would like to make a clan? Smashers With Frags sounds good.
    Hit me up if you want to.
    I got it, but had to go pick a friend up. I'm here now until the wee hours of the night
    no, no, it's absolutely perfect, leave it as it is.

    I want to see how many people's jaw drops too
    Thanks. Idk, it's hard to pick a post.

    They're all good. :) I like your avatar as well. Moon of Strawberries worked on my avatar, hers is pro as well:-p.
    Don't think I don't notice. :)

    You're doing a wonderful job in the Light House. Thanks for being as informative as you are towards others. +1
    that sounds like a lot of theory. because if JP were really as good as you say, shed be a good character instead of a contender for bottom tier.

    you have to look at things from a "what actually happens in the game" perspective. first of all, how much she can play keep away, is limited by a few huge factors.
    1. As a sonic main, and as a sonic main that usually doesnt kill people until about the 160-180 mark, knowing that I dont expect JP to be living past 110% is a huge statement.
    2. No projectile, and much priority as pound has, she cant spam it, and the fact is that eventually she has to get inside to do anything, and if you play a game focused on trading hits with JP every time she goes inside, you really cant help but win.
    3. human error, eventually, even the best JP player is going to mess up his spacing, and she takes punishment worse than every other character just cause she dies so fast
    i feel that once again, you assume match inexperience.

    after teh first 5 or so times playing against JP you realise 2 things

    1. what moves out prioritise hers and.
    2. that just about EVERY character in the game can get into a hit trading battle with her and win, the only reason she does decent against MK is because hes almost as light as her, and almost all of his moves are multi hit attacks that dont do much damage.

    so shes hitting you for like 12 and you can trade for 12 as well, and you do that 6-7 times. shes about to die and you still have half a stock
    As a matter of fact, I do believe that the entertainment industry does not need to make money to survive because I also believe that humans entertain for the sake of entertaining.

    I was also, as pointed out, referencing the character O'Brian, as he is the one that brainwashes Winston until he loves Big Brother- he would clearly be impressed by how the media has managed to shape people. Orwell, on the other hand, wrote the novell as a warning and would clearly be distressed by phenomenon such as this.

    Going back to the money argument, you use piracy in China as a reason why copyright laws need to be enforced. Why? The entertainment industry in all forms (films, music, literature, etc.) is thriving. The movie industry takes in billions of dollars every year. I don't see how piracy is the bane of entertainment here.
    You're one of the coolest dudes on this site.
    hey captain rember how you said that the fourm has gone dry? well do something about it!!! lol i made a thread with a good machup (to team with) for luke so mabye you could put a imput aswell
    Well, not only him, but Raphael as well. If I so much as question Yuna once, Raphael is usually on my *** about it. He passes judgments quickly, yet has the nerve to consult with me about my passing judgement? I know I pass judgments, but if I do, then I do it because I have observed something that I do not like. Whenever I question, it is for something that I do not agree with or do not understand. He is wrong to assume the two go hand in hand when I post. They both really do halt effective thread progression, but if we were to call them on it, they would only respond with more questions of their own with added nitpicking. It's futile. :(
    Your reply to Yuna on post #355 was the best post I have ever seen. It was my own thoughts about him expressed in the perfect words thanks to your brilliance. Please, accept my friend request. Dear God your post was needed.
    Weekly Character Discussion: Sonic is better ;l

    It pokes fun at the original at the same time :D
    Hmmmm.... You posted it TWICE. And I've played like... 4 MK's. It's POSSIBLE everything I said has already been discredited. I'm not exactly an expert on MK.
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