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  • ich habe nie deine kameraden beleidigt
    meine aussage hab ich VERALLGEMEINERT und so diejenigen angesprochen auf die es wirklich zutrifft.
    es ist mir egal wie deine beziehung zu der deutschen smashcommunity ist, ich habe nur meine eigene meinung gesagt und dies ist nach dem deutschen grundgesetzt völlig legitim
    ich muss mir nich von einem 15 jährigen, pubertierenden teenager sagen dass ich mich verziehen soll

    auch ein(wenn überhaupt) drittklassiger brawler kann seine meinung zur deutschen smashcomunnity loswerden und ich bin nich gezwungen sie zu unterstützen.
    und ich bin auch nich gezwungen mit smash aufzuhören wenn ich das nich tue
    fakt ist: ein grossteil der deutschen smashcommunity ist im gewissem maß arrogant.
    wie viel muss jeder für sich selbst definieren
    ausserdem hab ich nie von mir behauptet dass ich ein competitve brawler bin und regelmässig auf turniere gehe und brawl etwas wie mein hobby ist
    wie gesagt einige menschen haben auch ein leben und brawl nimmt mir definitiv nicht die zeit weg
    es mag vllt sein dass das auf dich zutraf und du zu dumm warst das schnell genug zubegreifen aba du kannst das nich auf alle beziehen die brawl besitzen oder spielen (ich besitze nich ma brawl<.<)
    deswegen musst du nich denken das ein erwachsener wie ich nich lese /sich mit freunden trifft etc.
    du musst mir nich vorschlagen was ich ausser brawl tun sollte
    was du wissen solltest: ich bin literatur lehrer an der humboldt universität berlin...
    sag mir nich dass ich zur abwechslung lesen soll, denn das hab ich schon getan bevor du deine ersten haare am sack hattest...
    ich war auch ma 15...ich weiss wie es ist zuglauben man ist erwachsen....
    du musst noch viel lernen mein kleiner.
    jaa da bin ich schon aba die deutsche smash community is gay...<.<
    alle sone arroganten nerds die kein leben haben^^
    I'm going to have to ask you to remove your quote in your signature, profanity is not allowed.
    YOU ARE MY ****IN HERO. for the hitbox system. Dude i was about to see if I could get the last to finish it. And you don't have to but it would be amazing if you could start with pichu.

    Why because he has the craziest hitboxs in the game: Up-smash has sopme downwards range, backwards grab range the hitbox of F-smash grows larger on the last hit, Dair when it hits the ground, down-smash's range is funky.

    I would post on the thread but i can't
    The issues of piracy in China go well beyond mere entertainment. It is prevelent in dozens of industries, from air conditioners to software, and is interestingly used to get around Chinese censorship, and while I support opposing Chinese censorship, I cannot support mass-producing someone elses work and then pricing the creator out of the market.

    But sticking to the entertainment industry, you like blockbusters, right? Not the chain, but rather big, popular movies.

    These movies are good because the entertainment industry is thriving. Their success is based on the ability to create a work, and have exclusive rights to sell their own works. The video game industry especially needs to have it's works protected so that the most expensive projects remain commercially viable to create. If you have a solution that's free and gains the game and movie makers their returns back for making monoliths, I'm all ears.

    Seriously though, the sense of entitlement that simply prevails among so many downloaders is a bit of a social disease in that they don't appreciate the morality of the reality. No one has the right to listen to music, rather, people are given the priveledge to choose between spending money on expensive to produce music and listening to the trash created by first time youtubers in their living room. You get what you pay for, and you will pay for it one way or another. So do you like to pay a buck for an ipod song, or would you like to listen to a furniture store commercial every time you put in your favorite song? Or would you like to settle for the mediocre? Either way, if it's worth money and costs money, the money must be extracted from the viewer one way or another, lest all big budgets be destroyed. I'd like to only worry about having to pay upfront, personally.
    For the love of god mang, get your threads stickied! Like, i gotta talk to kevinm like I said i would, but your threads are too informative to have to go digging for.
    Yea I definitely will sometime in the future. I promise : D

    I wish going out there was cheaper though.
    LOL, that's so weird that you said that, because as I was writing I knew someone would make that same point.

    It's true; I'm sure every country thinks they have the stupidest citizens. Although I have no doubt America is at least Top 5 material.
    Heh I have no idea how good you are, but I've seen your name pop up on a lot of places on smashboards so you're probably a veteran, 5 euro is not a small amount but i'm willing to do 1 euro per match and then 5 matches (or best of 5 if you want). If you're going to smack of course.
    Meh I'm amazing in general.

    My homosexuality has nothing to do with it, it's purely coincidental.
    Dude this isn't even mine its some random kids

    but I'm so good with the internets that I don't need to make new accounts, I'll just use some random kids account

    works out for me ;D
    Nothing is closer than three hours >_>

    Albany is the closest: maybe two and a half hours. The biggest problem though is that my parents wouldn't let me travel (even if I could drive) that much for a video game. It's not constructive enough or some **** to waste all that time on.
    Yeah, I recently posted about that. I do have homebrew, and I can technically do that. My one problem is that, and this may be fixable, but I am never sure if it actually copied it over -- there's no way to check that I can find. And I want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE I have an extra copy of my file if I erase the other one if it's in something that I have a lot of data for.

    Thank you for the advice, though, and if you have anything else that can help me it'd be greatly appreciated.
    I don't think you quite understand my opinion on the L-Canceling topic. Im not arguing that L-Canceling doesn't add depth(anything that allows you more chances to force a mistake by your opponent adds depth) but that L-Canceling adds no options for the user. If L-canceling was automatic it wouldn't change your game in the slightest other than a few less mistakes on your part because its something you literally don't get a choice(an option) in, you HAVE to do it every time anyways. I am never going to stop L-Canceling, you are never going to stop L-Canceling, there is no option here. As for the "Its important that a Fox miss L-Cancels" thing, lets be honest, of all the things that could be screwed up in a pillar, L-Canceling is probably not going to be the one that ruins it.
    yea, im studying in switzerland right now. I'm at the University of Fribourg and I'm going to Zurich tonight to play some smash with this smasher named AE.
    Why do you ask?
    As of right now? Absolutely nothing :( Im hungry and there are no melee tournaments going on right now. Its like, double pain.
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