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  • My sentiments are pretty anti-ban but any actions I take that might matter are neutral.
    Well, first, Gempalm Incinerator is a poor example because you came up with your own reasoning. So here's the closest you can get to comparison between MtG and Brawl:

    M10 ruleset is Brawl.
    Modern is our current tournament ruleset. The banned sets are equivalent to banned items. Specifically banned cards are equivalent to banned stages and/or characters.
    Standard is Mid Tiers. Nobody likes Mid Tiers.
    Legacy is All Brawl. Again, specifically banned cards are equivalent to stages/characters that are banned anyway.
    Vintage is Brawl-/Brawl+/Project M. It's not relevant to most of the world, but people still play it anyway because having an insane number of absolutely broken options is fun for the novelty. Maybe even viable for a tournament format.

    In the end: Gempalm Incinerator is like a Cracker Launcher. Sure, it might be overpowered, but that's not why it's banned. It's banned because, like the rest of its set, it's not a Modern Border printed card. Cracker Launcher might be overpowered, but it's actually banned because all items are banned.
    Meta Knight is, potentially, the Umezawa's Jitte of Brawl. Hell, the current sentiment of "only Meta Knight can beat Meta Knight" is almost perfectly reflected in how many decks ran Jitte specifically to combat opposing Jitte through the Legendary rule.
    I intended to make a very narrow, partial analogy, hence cuasing much of the confusion.
    But sure, you can make your analogy.
    I took this to VMs specifically so that it would not bother anyone else or derail conversation.
    Your comparison with Gempalm Incinerator isn't even consistent with its own game. Is Gempalm Incinerator banned from Modern because it's potentially over-centralizing?
    It was perfectly set up for me to do :p

    I want to discuss in there but most of the Anti vs. Pro thing right now sounds stupid from both sides. I did like your thoughts though.
    Good question. It's tough to say. You hear strategies about forcing a character near the edge to gain position, but I'm unsure if it's worth taking damage for it. In chess, positional advantages have substance, and you can exploit them if you play it right, no matter what the opponent does. It's tough to say the same in smash. Smash seems to be more about giving the other player a chance to go wrong, so if you do make that type of sacrifice, you don't know if you're going to get anything out of it.

    My guess would be no since you could only really use positional advantage in smash to deal more damage, and that's not even a sure thing. In chess you don't even have to win material to win the game, your position can be so dominating, even with material being equal, that the game is already won for you. It might be a question to ask a top player, though. I don't consider myself a great smasher.
    hey man nice to meet ya

    the scene here is pretty good, tournaments are pretty regular for brawl, not so much melee unfortunately :/, but it's pretty cool here, you'll make fast friends!
    Well it's somewhat far from it ^^
    But you know, usually outside the capital is even more beautiful, Cozumel, I heard it's nice :3
    The capital is like a New York -_- it's pretty crowded :/ lol
    Oh, i've been to Sauhayo (can't spell it)(nearish to Guadalahara) to visit a church, and i went to a part somewhere in the North back when i was twelve. And i went to Cozumel as part of a cruise but i usually don't count that.
    I'm pretty sure those are all pretty far from the capital.
    I don't particularly like Wifi, I can arrange it if you really want to though. I'm not going to be back from mexico until Thursday though.
    If you are interested in how my Sheik plays, you can view my videos in the Sheik thread. They are pretty recent, and I intend to add more videos when i don't think they are recent enough to show my growth.
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