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The Halloween Captain

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  • BTW, "gotcha journalism" and things taken out of context. These are the same idiots who whined about "lipstick on a pig" for 24 hours despite it obviously not having anything to do with sexism and McCain having used the same expression before in regards to Hillary Clinton.

    Yeah, they're fit to lead alright.
    They do have a meaning. It's ambiguous enough so that the meaning is a little subjective, but when I write those little notes of wisdom, I write them with a purpose.

    Lol, they're not haikus. Look up haikus.
    well yeah its not that much better not like Zamus, but better than ivysaurs if Olimar has all 6 pikmin. speaking of Olimar i should go work on him since i do enjoy using him alot. this is usually the result of i can fake out my normal friends i play brawl with alot so they can't gimp me so often.
    oh Olimar isn't that easy to gimp, yes being a tether makes him easier than most, but Ivysaurs is the worst. his horizontal air movement is very good so as long as you don't get hit by something like Zeldas GTFO Dsmash usually i don't find it that hard to recover with Olimar. they hog the edge i Fair them then grab the edge for myself lol. as for Snake i just don't like him in general, his @$$ is nice, but other than that i just don't like him. even before i knew of his teir placement i never like Snake.
    other than i like the characters, i usually scorn defensive play with a passion, from both my using cause i like to rush and someone else using it against me. but oh well i think its just me. since it does make fighting more tactical, i've always like a challenge, i can do it. what about you?
    by nature in fighters yes. which doesn't make any sense as to why i use and like alot of defensive characters.
    not exactly. im more drawn towards offensive play and yet my two tops mains, Peach and Zelda, are primarily defensive. and besides all the space animals camp how differentiated is that lol? i get your point but i guess im just weird that way.
    well that too lol. but you can't help your main right? at least i think so, but at this point im not really so sure. Brawls character imbalace seems to warp even peoples mains around. like in melee it was obvious i was better with my peach than Zelda or JP. now its like im just as good with Wolf as i am with Zelda despite i don't even pick him all like that. hes like my eight main after Fox and i do really good with him.
    meh, that floatiness helps avoid CG from someon other than the IC and does give her the best horizontal air movement. but i've always like JP. oh about pikachu, he annoys me because it seems like every new poke'mon generation adds another pikachu looking thing. Pichu, Plusle/Minun, Pachirisu. it just gets so annoying and pikachu's not even that cute.
    since it seems like you post alot on poke'mon boards i had to ask. i myself have too many mains i think. all the poke'mon, except Pikachu cause i hate it, i use too.
    yes that tipper was deadly lol especially since Roy had a zero hit at times which made it worse lol. but idk i still liked him more than the other swordsmen characters in melee.
    i see. well i hope that brawl does get better. i know melee isn't coming back which is sad but true i think it is a very memorable game though. ive always picked my character based on who i liked. although their order of use is dependant on who's harder to use. i enjoy challenge and hard work to rewards so i guess the ease of brawl irks me at times. but i am open to Brawl becoming balanced enough to be good. although i will still miss Roy and Pichu dearly.
    I honestly like Brawl better, and I like interesting conversation. Also, I know that melee is not coming back no matter how intelligent the pro-melee side is, which is good for me, as I never got past being a good spammer in melee to master the ATs. Brawl is the game I can and will compete in, Brawl is the game where I decided to go with favorite characters over tiers (although I did this half-heartedly in melee), and Brawl is the game where I am at an equal level to everyone else in terms of understanding its metagame.
    hello. i just want to say i admire that you stand up for brawl despite most of the intellegent side of SWF is all pro melee. what makes you keep it up? what drives you to keep hope that brawl is better than it appears atm and can change drastically?
    Hello! Care to trade friend codes? I need a few more active players to practice with.
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