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  • 2morro at 8 then?

    i know everyone has their opinions of it, but why dont you like B+? </3
    i wont hold it against you, just curious :p

    edit: was it the delay in actions? because if it was, then you probably didnt adjust your buffer:lick:
    ahh screw it
    i'll be online lol. you host

    edit: didnt reach you in time. oh well.
    its been awhile since i played vbrawl, so it should be fun on wednesday
    wow we're bad at being online at the same time.
    i cant play now cuz i have to be up early. i can probably play again on wednesday
    my sister (the one who's wii i'm borrowing) is watching tv right now. i can probably play later on tonight, or 2morro

    and i found a Piccolo texture for Falcon:lick:
    my wii will be back this tuesday
    if you want to do some wifi later on, use my sisters code. i'll resend it if u need it.
    by the way, when you do play Brawl+, get the latest code set from brawlplus.net.
    my sister lent me her wii
    so if you want to brawl some time, i need ur FC and i'll give you hers. i unlocked everyone on her wii, but i still dont have all the stages
    well, remember last year when i stopped using him? the same reason. he's terrible. occasionally i use Ness
    I like D3 because of the grab game. Olimar because he's the best camper in the game.
    I can understand why you would choose Marth over Roy. If you can pick a character who's faster, stronger and has more range, then why wouldnt you?

    I havent heard from Utzz in a very long time. I was gonna see if i can get him into B+, but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen lol
    oh and i still play Brawl. when i said i got tired of it, it was just because i need a break from it. i like melee better even tho i suck at it. its a better game imo (even with items on and all stages). but in no way am i bashing brawl. both games r fun
    i started playing a few weeks ago. i just got tired of brawl. and i'm never going to play B+ again (not on my wii atleast) because my wii is BRICKED. Fully Bricked. it wont even show the warning screen when you turn it on. so after i sent it to get repaired, i'm only playing Brawl&Melee and i'm even going to bother hacking it again.
    I told Nintendo there was a power surge, so they're fixing it for free. But i think once they find the Homebrew channel, they're going to charge me for it.
    Anyway, I play Ganondorf and Luigi (because i love wavedashing everywhere) and i'm working on Sheik+Marth.
    For Brawl, i use DDD and Olimar. When i get my wii back, i'm going to learn MK again
    Who do you use now?
    so yeah i play Melee now lol.
    havent spoken to you in awhile. we should play some smash soon (both melee and brawl)
    i switch back and forth. i'd like to use the GC remote more often because it doesnt require batteries and there is no way to get interferance from another remote (like if there's a bunch of people with classic remotes, then you can get interferance)
    but when i use Lucas, i hav to play classic. for some reason i dont play as well with a gamecube remote. the smaller buttons on the classic remote also make it easier for me to zap jump with
    when i exited, its because i had to switch remotes. thats why it looked like someone was trying to join. my gamecube remote is kinda broken so i had to switch back to the classic remote.
    whenever i fight ur mk my face heats up lol
    its much easier to hit with and it's buffed too. i finished uploading the video so i can brawl now. do u wanna host?
    mostly. i just need to record it. i can record longer videos because i have the infinite replay hack. i'm reuploading chapters 1+2 on youtube with text thats easier to read

    dude you gotta play brawl+ soon. i'm sure you'll love it
    my favorite part was when it was your MK vs his Wolf and your taunt said "Don't Even Try". then he just stood there and u went after him
    lol good times
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