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  • Er, not sure what to say. On one hand, I like the Smash Lab because it's well managed and zero stupidity, but on the other hand, I'm sort of upset that a good amount of people in the usergroup have little to no posts in there. Yes, I'll admit it. I'm upset that they are in the group and aren't giving any visible contribution whatsoever. It's mainly me, rPSI, Lux, you(back in the day), and... idk.

    Anyhow, I'm completely sympathetic to your situation. Do what you have to do. Keep your priorities straight. School and life are more important than smash.

    And AIM would be nice, but if you'd like, I'm going to be available to talk every weekday from ~3:00-3:30ish. I know you prefer talk over type, so we can set up a time/day to talk by text message.
    Hit an "aha!" moment when I tried it out with Marf's Dair on Smashville. I now know what you're talking about. However, a more appropriate name for this would maybe be "Psuedo PC Landing", because it looks like PC Landing from Melee, when you would drop through a platform then double jump at the right time to autosnap on.

    So, to clarify, the aerial has to raise the model high enough to land before the bit is set, correct? Could you explain it to me a "bit" more, if it isn't a bother?

    And, yes, you can perform it easiest on any stage with a outward-slanting edge. Another great reason as to why I love Corneria. <3

    Mebbe we could compile a list of characters/aerials that can do this and add it into the OP of my junk thread?
    Tbh Veril, I don't have a clear idea as to what EAC pseudowavelanding actually means/is...

    East Australian Current?
    I never see you on AIM. :urg: I want dat Pika info. :(

    ......I hope you're not just always invis like I am, lol.
    i rested m2k one time after a dair at player's bowl. He had said wtf because he didn't drop his sheild at any point after the dair, but i had double jumped at the same time i rested which may have caused it
    If you feel like it, we can talk about the application thread, CRTs, and the like tomorrow again. I'm on summer break so I've pretty much got five days of the week to myself.
    application has been sent in btw...dunno if you got it

    i should let you know though, i'm away from home until the end of august, so i won't be able to contribute much. i do intend to put in work in september once school starts though. if you're gonna let me in, i'd like to request that i be granted access now anyways, so i can familiarize myself with the dynamic back there and hopefully pick up a few things.
    On an unrelated note, I'd really like you to weigh in on the organizational discussion going on in the project 1 thread.
    Obviously, I see a major problem with simply not being able to get in on a lot of the top characters, mostly because while has good mobility, it's telegraphed and she doesn't have a good way to pull back, but when she gets inside, she might have luigi status due to long combos and ability to follow DI well.

    Any changes should probably address that issue.

    Overall, compared to what I've seen, solid mid-tier.

    Fox on the other hand... Ewwww, melee good is not good enough for brawl, though he's still certainly not the same.
    Yeah. Though that's what'll make it such a tough project to undertake. There are so many variables you should consider. Different moves are telegraphed at a different frame, hitboxes come out on different frames, etc.

    But it'll be great for spurring activity in the Lab.
    Same here. :< When I called I got the "leave a message" thing.

    But yeah, it was great talking with you. I got some ideas on how to calculate the average reaction time for players using your input maps.:p and we could assign those as application tests too. :D
    I think what I meant at the time was that I just noticed that you moderated the vBrawl Jigglypuff subforum. I was inactive for around a week or so during that time, and an additional week recently.
    Actually, I am. Although I'm going to have to download everything needed to run Homebrew and B+ all over again, 'cause I lost my SD card...:urg:

    But yeah, I'm definately interested.

    Also, before I forget: would you prefer talking over Skype or cell? I'd most likely be able to phone today/this weekend, but if you prefer Skype I could load it up on an iPhone. My comp doesn't have a mic that I know of.
    It's ok, but we need to talk soon, I wanna start some projects up.

    And yeah, they're pretty awesome. You know what's more awesome? Flow charts!
    It's going to take that long for the code? :urg:

    Anyway, when you get the data, be sure to give it to me.
    Hopefully I'll be able to check for the optimal FF frame when we get the code?
    It's still a WIP. I need to do the jump data, I'm going to do it as soon as I get the demapped Z-button.

    I also am having a hard time with some of these terms. Like I probably know what they are, but SHNF... I have no idea what the NF stands for. and landing points.
    I might be able to make that work. I'll have to play around with it and see, because that's something I'd like to have also.
    Ah, well that explains that; I was wondering why it seemed to be suddenly active. New leadership is wonderful. :3

    Just to clarify, by late response I was talking about myself, so no offense taken. Before now I hadn't applied, I'd just spoke to Vyse asking about how to get involved and he told me he didn't really know since it seemed pretty dead. I'm sure you understood that though, I'm just making sure there's no hard feelings, since in retrospect that last line was somewhat ambiguous. xD

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to being involved in this. :)

    I'd been wanting to join the group but after talking to someone about it I kind of concluded it was dead and gave up, haha. I'm assuming you knew all that if you read through the thread, though. Lucky me. :3

    Blegh, kind of late response considering the time I requested admission, but I felt bad doing it without saying anything. :/
    how small does their shield have to be to rest your opponent OoS? i think im on to something with full hop resting....i think it pokes....:0
    Hey, I've been wanting to join the smash lab for a a while and I just found out it's back up.

    I think I'm definitely qualified, please shoot me a post or a PM if you need any info.
    Hope you guys fix up the Smash Lab activity! I would apply to help out as much as I can, but honestly, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing things with a deadline (unless it's text-based and only requires me to think and analyze)... I blame my own person for that.

    Try and update the 'Smash terms" if you can. I dislike having to use endlag/cooldown/afterlag/other terms for the same thing because some people don't understand what I mean when I se a term they don't know.
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