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  • Yo, I'm in Chapel Hill during the school year and I'm trying to level up a lot this summer. We should play some time!
    happy birthday, old man!

    i'm right behind you lol
    Yo. I wish I could have whispered in your ear during the interview with hbox, chillin, etc. for the question about your greatest victories... You should have been like. One time, I beat ACE's Ganon... the best Ganondorf main in the world. lmao. I don't know if that's true, but I know you and gerod beat my and my bro in teams once. LOL... that was such a cool interview man. And holy **** i just realized you are only 2 months younger than me... Damn man GET OLD haha
    I aspire to become a Smash Researcher in the future. Lead me in the right direction to a path of knowledge.
    Let me know when you can play again. Gonna pre-order MW3 next week. :awesome:
    I want to be your first
    TAKE ME, YEROC, AND BESTOW UPON ME THINE POWER OF INFRACTION...For if you do not, all is lost in a world where everything is found, but found in such hostility that this world I can declare mine for all that isn't sacred is thrown away.
    As you've already seen, I wanna request to be the new OP for the NC Social Thread, WE haven't had updates on the Bro Rankings, and I know ACE is busy, but he's mostly in Louisiana, meaning, in my opinion it'd be better if another person took over.
    Corey, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor? Could you remap the z-button to have no effect so it doesn't interfere with frame-advance. Please... "puppy dog eyes"
    lol I'll try and get the days off to go, my dude. and I think I'll be teaming with my friend Merc but if he doesn't go then I'll totally team with you and do that 12 point mod combo lol

    lol I need to stop mistakenly posting on my wall.
    well look at the silver lining. if there was anything you wanted to do but couldnt with the old one, youve got a brand new opportunity to do it with the new one.

    Think of it like "Coreys super awesome controller.....2.0"
    Custom SSS v2.0 - SBR Ruleset (Bionic Sonic) [Spunit262, Phantom Wings]
    * 046B8F5C 7C802378
    * 046B8F64 7C6300AE
    * 040AF618 5460083C
    * 040AF68C 38840002
    * 040AF6AC 5463083C
    * 040AF6C0 88030001
    * 040AF6E8 3860FFFF
    * 040AF59C 3860000C
    * 060B91C8 00000018
    * BFA10014 7CDF3378
    * 7CBE2B78 7C7D1B78
    * 2D05FFFF 418A0014

    byte count = 10 = 16
    * 006B929C 00000010
    * 066B99D8 00000010
    * 00011A0C 140D0E28
    * 27020B21 1D080F24

    byte count = 1A = 26
    * 006B92A4 0000001A
    * 066B9A58 0000001A
    * 16230311 200A2A26
    * 0925131C 1E1F1805
    * 04192207 1B171012
    * 152B2B2B 2B2B2B2B

    required stuff
    * 06407AAC 00000058
    * 01010202 03030404
    * 05050606 37640808
    * 0909330A 0B0B0C0C
    * 0D0D0E0E 130F1410
    * 15111612 17131814
    * 19151C16 1D171E18
    * 1F19201A 211B221C
    * 231D241E 251F2932
    * 2A332B34 2C352D36
    * 2F373038 3139323A
    * 2E3B0064 07070000
    Guy told me you have an alternate fix for the Samus issue. Post it in GSH2 asap cause I have one as well and we should compare them to see which one works better. Otherwise I'll be asking Sonic to put up the new .pac that I have.
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