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  • Does Luigi's dash attack work at all percents? Cause I tested consecutive hits for Brawl and by the time Jigglypuff was at 50%, he has 6 consecutive, meaning all his hits landed in succession. Of course this did not incorporate DI.
    I need one question answered, does Jiggs die after a shieldbreak from any attack or just due to Marth's Side B?
    Yeah, I read about your ol' Lucas shenanigans somewhere. If nothing else, you're an old-er member >.>
    lol, I've traveled through terrible snow storms and fog to tourneys before. The reason is because I can't miss one of my classes on Monday and I don't think we'd get back in time...

    lol, awesome!
    this profile is sh** talk friendly. As long as it doesn't target me, Bowyer or Alex.

    I think Woody has occasional moments of brilliance. Its just hard to figure out what he is trying to communicate. For example, I think the "airdodge cancel" he referred to may have been a half-a**ed waveland technique.
    "Why did you friend Woody???? What a bad user...."

    *sighs* I can't beleve im doing this but can you make fun of woody behind his back? Its not like he doesnt see what is going on in veril's profile. And we havent seen anything good from him, but that doesnt mean he did anything wrong. (unless he did... tell me if thats the case)
    Ok I tried converting them but I can only get them in 320x240, which isn't high enough quality for me. I really would like 640x480 if possible..... And also, the high quality convert only does the first 50% of the video... so if you can keep on sending .mov's, please have an extra 50% on the end after you do it.
    why .mov's? if you can upload the rest in .wmv that'd be great. I'm gonna see if I can convert them with the quality, but if not, I'm screwed.
    Thanks a bunch for the new wavelanding/LCS guide, I think it's really going to evolve into a very useful thread. I didn't even know LCS existed until just then.

    Very helpful
    Yeah seriously. Its been posted 500 times. This is seriously why I call it boost smash. If you call it that you can rub it in their faces for not knowing.
    If you can get replays of everything and send it to me, then I can upload it all. Its probably best that way because I have a pretty high viewership, although if you're getting a capture card, thats great. And THANKS YOU SO MUCH.
    -Your avatar is frightening

    -that jigglypuff..
    whenever i look at it i feel like it's staring into my soul XD
    nice avatar tho

    lol your avatar is too good. thats what caught my eye when I first saw you xD
    I am mainly looking for rest setups in the tactical where it takes almost no skill, i.e., they hit you and then during the multiple hits you can rest them. Because it requires much easier timing and could be put to use in tourneys. You can post there rest in tactical, but for the video, just do that. And for Wolf's F-smash, can you rest him in between hits?
    Hey, great work on the rest stuff. Dash grab counter should be epic. And 1 thing. Once your done with all this, post it with the results on tactical.
    Your avatar is frightening. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Did you recently pick up Jigglypuff or something?
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