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  • What what do you mean do a scare Dark? Did you talk to him?
    What do you mean by Peach standards?
    yeah...I joined a clan and stuff, and met a bunch of people. I didn't talk to anyone I actually knew besides you, though. I fought a Toon Link in the first match, PROBO or something like that. It was a to-the-last-stock fight both rounds. The guy was popular though. It's awkward fighting when the entire crowd around you is rooting against you and your little Jiggly. D:
    how did you do in the tournament? I saw you fighting PRBLM for your first match, but I couldn't really watch since I was playing Melee o: all I knew was that he was good.
    yeah, i started getting a few in. I was playing Melee when my dad forced me to leave. o:

    and yeah...I was watching you do a Jiggly ditto with Glick. I was gonna ask to play but then those other people started a money match and stuff.
    i wasn't so much tense as overwhelmed. I'm not a "I'M NEXT!" kind of person so it was really hard to get on a TV to play.

    and yeah, I did. i lost my match and then couldn't do my loser's bracket match cause my dad forced me to leave.
    veril. read this before you go. D:

    "absolute latest is 12 pm if u gonna be in brawl but plox be there early as possible"

    that's from the guy holding the thing. so, yeah.

    Are you going to G.I.M.P.I.N.G.? Cause I looked it up after you mentioned it, and the planets aligned, and I'm going.
    yeah i'm still making it.
    ok your's is entirely different. both talk about lucas, but are different and thats good because that'll be 2 visual guides people can refer to and it wont be like watching the same thing.
    mine wont be done until late march/early april. when i do finish it, i'll post it as a video response and at the end, i'll put "for more info, watch (insert title) by Veril".

    so here's what mine looks like so far:
    Chapter#/Name----Quick description/Quote by Tyr------then a video demonstration with text.
    it'll be more than 10 minutes i think, so i may hav 2 or 3 vids up =/
    of course =]
    my video has the things all lucas' should know, such how to spike with bair and dair, spacing+approaching, wavebounce'd PKF, Thundersliding and how to edgeguard with thunder slide, the various methods of recovery, reflecting projectiles, zap jump, in-depth grabbing stuff and some PSI-m stuff i've been working on. (the reason i havent told many people about PSI-m stuff is because i want to make sure it's valid; i dont want to rush)

    from the way i read it, your video is more of how to do advanced stuff and how to apply it while my video is more of tutorial stuff.... is that what your's is like?
    and my starting main is Peach too and other than their BR im not on there alot either, i guess that one guy was right, im so random @.@

    ooo your going to be a Murse? sounds like fun. im an arts student. i just havent decided what part of Art i want to major in
    yeah, i've been meaning to go there alot more, im just bad at keeping to things like that. im actually more on Fox than on any other board really.

    wish i didn't have class tomorrow
    Hey, I just noticed your visitor message on OS' page about the old SDI project. I was actually looking up OS because I was bringing this up elsewhere... basically, I was mad when OS cancelled the project as a political stunt, part of his "ban MK" movement... and all I see across these boards are the elites (SBR and individuals/regions) keeping info (tactics, etc.) to themselves, while the less experienced players go through great lengths to rediscover and share stuff about the game.... idk this has been frustrating a bunch of ppl lately. Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses that project a bit ;) Mebbe we should start it up again and not depend on an SBR'er to keep it active.
    Wish you could've made it for battle for western New York =( Would've been cool to meet you =)
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