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  • I've got work till 10... but I'm going in mad early so hopefully I can get out by 5 or 6 and shoot on down.
    Yo, my semester is almost done. A smashfest at my house clearly is in order.
    i'm going to a tournament on saturday and i'm not sure, but i might stay in NJ. if i don't stay, than i'll go to place on sunday. either way, i'll let you know early on sunday =]
    meh i must have bad memory, but i thought you said it got boring because mk was everywhere.
    >_< i wish i had a bit more notice for this. i'm in westchester at my cousin and i just hopstop'd your address. it would take 2hrs 45 mins to get to your place =/

    needless to say, i won't be making it this time.
    omg your icon is sum scary ****. And lol I fought this MK with my Kirby, lost, then went Puff and won lol. Too bad tho I found out MK is banned in the nearest tourny by me. =/
    Yeah... I fought Twilight Prince... couldn't beat him with Puff... but won with Kirby. She is truly dead to me now. :/
    pm me the address and your # plz. I have work today so I won't be on aim, but I can come tomorrow! Yay! I haven't played anyone good in a while so I'm really excited.

    I used to have your number but I had to replace my phone.
    Thanks for the heads up :p

    I've got class tonight though :( Two weeks from now I'll have a ton more time though since finals will be done.
    Who is this jack***? Hey Glick, hope the tourney went well. <3

    I'm trying to pick up Wario. He's so much fun.
    Trust me though, there is a reason why I thought it was a strong Falco advantage early on and why it still can't be Jigglypuff's advantage:

    Strong bair/dair make only slight improvements for Falco. Both are good but the main problem is he does have a good kill move on Jigglypuff early. F-smash is too easy to avoid, he can pop out bair and ****.

    Boxing. Jiggs can't really do much grab wise on the ground in front of him because of his amazing boxing game. He can F-tilt or jab you, and you really have no options.

    If you SH, you have the following issues:
    Laser, the universal setup if your in the air (your best option if lasered depends on your position, diagonally above him dair and DI in because of the extra 1 frame, if your slightly in front of him nair and retreat),

    he can still Box you, and he can boost smash you if he anticipates the jump

    Now, your best options are long range to start floating towards him but he is pretty good at throwing up lasers and then illusioning to the other side, making sure he doesn't get hit.
    How is that spam? If anything your posts like "I love my subscribers " are spam.
    No, you directed me. I didn't do anything and you directed me.

    And the boards suck, their the worst on SWF by far. They went from good to crap to complete ****.

    You do know I'm the semi-mod of the boards right?? I'm leaving because the boards are essentially crap.
    No you come in, flame, and defend trolls who post **** along the lines of Jigglypuff having 8 jumps (true story, he said it at least 3 times)
    Lmao, the words me and him tag teaming (also, Meta killed Woody if you care about wifi dittos, which, Woody does) and this sound like complete flaming:
    And just because some random person supported spamming one of her bread and butter approaches, doesn't mean hes right.

    Get a life.
    Wow, listen to your own post:

    Meta, why do you go out of your way to make woody look bad? He is a better jigglypuff then you, by far. He knows what hes talking about. His style is just different, but it works, so stop putting him down. He may add some beef to these boards, and that's the only reason I object to his presence sometimes, but show him some respect.

    I'm sorry if this is starting commotion, but I'm SOOO sick of you and alex teaming up vs his posts on these boards just because you guys had beef at one point. Stop being disrespectful. You're making these boards look like the peach or sonic boards.

    And NO
    Bair is NOT her best move.

    And just because some random person supported spamming one of her bread and butter approaches, doesn't mean hes right.

    I'm starting to get into this, but this is the video archive. So I wont.

    Oh, and btw, reported.
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