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Bitter Romantic

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  • Haha you have a lot in common with me. I used to go to school in SD and come back to Anaheim when I was out of school and I main Peach :D
    Hey, which of your two pieces that tied is your favorite? Just wondering.
    i dont know what it is but it seems as in your eyes im missing your point and in my eyes your missing my point.

    anyway i reponded to you
    For some reason I loved the way I made Lucas's shirt come out. :3
    I ask that you check the thread and critique on my IVYSAUR ENTRY!!! :o
    Please. I wish I could do that on actual paper.

    Yours was hilarious (Although distasteful to me :0. If you hadn't said potentially inappropriate, I'd never guess that. (^-^); ) and well executed. And Lucas looked great, esp. his awesomely cool hair.

    I worked on that from 9 pm to 1 am. I was in a hurry, and I really don't like it. Huge errors everywhere (Like the shading, :D, kinda ironic, huh?), and I did my background in like 30 seconds, lol.
    But thank you for the compliment :)
    I will put up ivy's on time :D
    What is up?

    You and the other Hand_Drawn people make me jealous. I wish I could draw like that. D:
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