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  • Hello again, Your weekly/monthly spammer wishes you well!

    I have discovered a few things since we last...er spammed one another: WATCHING MY COUSIN PLAY ON WI-FI AND WIN IS VERY SAD. She spams stone and uses a walk-up and hammer tech :)

    Anyway. I've added you, If you ever see me on feel free to hit me up with a *laggy* brawl
    Ah, Summer is going well for me as well, I have the job of babysitting my cousin :)
    I would love to play with you someday......but my connection sucks HARD. It's never really good. Someday however I will come for you and you will own me :3
    How are you doing? Are you still on vacation?
    I hope you are enjoying the summer
    I hope you enjoy Brazil
    Have fun and you and your be careful! Thank you for being so friendly *adores*
    You will now have to beat me away from your page with a stick!
    Hello there fellow pika!
    I am doing well thankyou! How are you?
    ...And thanks for befriending out of the blue, it was a surprise, I'm not very good, ya know :)
    If you're going to be inactive for that long, would you mind if I took you off the High Voltage roster? You'll be able to try out again when you come back, of course, but it's kind of against clan policy to let someone sit for that long without doing anything.

    Brazil, though..... you're so lucky! I hope you're having fun. Lemme know when you get back!
    You haven't been on for a while, but fyi:

    You're only one + away from getting into High Voltage. Get your last plus and come around more often. :)
    Ah I see. Actually, my activeness in DWYP pretty much stopped after the Fox week. I only submit votes now due to the fact Im busy with school. Ill probably get alive again when all the final tests and such are over.

    But I hope I'll see ya around again. (:
    Ya coming back to DWYP? ;) Alot of stuff has happened while youve been gone.
    Haha, no problem. (:

    Ive been thinking of moving it for awhile, but I desided to wait a few DWYP weeks. It annoyed me so much that my Bowser wasnt in my "DWYP" sub-folder, lol!
    while the froggysaurs was a fun piece, I like the idea of the plant/b&w better :O
    personally, I think it fits the 'creative' category better too, but oh well :3
    will say yes to a different background ;P

    but like the way lucas turned out: the subtle shading goes well with the pastel like colors and the use of colors [dark, light, bright] for depth emphasis :3
    the only thing you need to be jealous of is that we turned ours in on time :O

    yours was amazing :3
    LOVED the subtle shading + flat/not shaded colors
    made for an interesting experience of depth and flat-ness

    if it had a better background, it would be even more amazing

    so just turn things in on time? ;D
    Ooo. :( I'm going out tonight, so I probably won't be around. I guess we'll put off the epic battles til later, then!

    See you around the boards at least. :)
    Hey Zylar... I still owe you a match. :)

    I start work on Monday & probably won't be around as much then, so if you're free sometime this weekend let me know. I can probably play anytime except tonight after 8ish.
    My internet is absolutely horrible atm... I'm hi-jackin it from the neighbors, and it cuts out a lot =( I just moved into a new apartment, so I'm hoping I can be home for the internet guy to install my wireless soon... crossin my fingers for sometime this week.

    I'll definitely let you know when that happens. I'll add your FC in the meantime.
    Sorry about not putting my Pikachu thread on the Q and A section. I'm new here, and thus a, a bit naive, haha. My bad!
    Thanks! I'm finally one of the "big boys" now. Haha.

    You've started the process of joining the clan right? Good luck with it!

    P.S. I like the dancing kirbies thing you made...pretty clever =P
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