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  • appreciate the politeness

    what time zone you in? (nvmd, your in kansas )
    ill be around sunday morning and night prolly around your 8 pm, can you do that?
    sorry for the lag :(.
    my bro was in myspace,msn,online radio,etc. so the lag was horrible.
    If you want a rematch,just let me know when can you do it
    sorry bout that...T.T
    i was doing a AIB tourney and i had to finish yesterday.
    contact me when youre ready.
    sum reason i cant find thread with our matches, 4 what tourney is this current:y im in like 7-9 not sure :confused:
    or 7:00pm your time.....if it is more convenient.
    im a bit nervous cause your jiggs is teh best ive seen.
    its ok, im not sore or flattered.
    you can keep them on the tube, i dont mind, and ppl arent gonna google me anytime soon. =/
    so the match is @ 7? i live in the EC for that matter. but i think ill have to delay it 30 min more.
    peeerfect. but its good to own in teh tourney and give rep. a different matter is that i had no IDEA i was gonna be recorded and put on the tube; i wouldve played to win.
    but w/e anyways.
    hey, youre my oppoenent for thunder of Zeus' tourney. pm me whenever youre able to fight.
    also, i saw that you uploaded our previous matches from the BBOT tourney.
    i wonder why wouldnt upload our friendlys.
    i hope you get to upload these ^.^
    I'm not sure I know what my counterpick will be. Probably green greens, japes, luigi's mansion or flatzone 2. I'll just pick it in game it doesn't really matter.

    I'm going to go warm up, I'll add you and host at around 5:00
    If you can do it by tommorow night. Ill change the brackets accordingly.
    I don't want this to be dragged on any longer.
    Certainly SR-71. We need to do it before next saturday I believe. We need to agree on the stage we start out on. If you lose the first round, you get to pick whatever stage you want (except for the three stages I banned). The same goes for me if I lose. Wifi randomly chooses who gets to pick the stage, so if you lose, and the next stage isn't what you picked, call no contest and try again.

    Right now it's 9:32 in my area. What timezone are you in and what time is it there? I'm free when I get out from school and all day on weekends.
    It means that on those days, make sure your available. I will autoadvance if people have not done their matches by the given time.
    GGs, im dissapointed at myself for using DDD. i was looking up way too much and i didnt look down, i focused on snake mains instead of other ppl. GGZ dude.
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