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  • It's been quite a while actually. <.<

    I thought it was like, May or something. >.<
    Ah that's not what I wanted lol. There goes FFCCMLAK. Been saving 1300 points forever too.

    Gift me Pac-man. >_> <_<
    uh, no, zen said you were giving me points, the number is incorrect, and please PM me it, others can look at it form my visitor messages
    How exactly do I get said points? From what I understand you can't send someone points can you?
    I would like my 1000 points today, if you want, just Gift me Majora's Mask, that's what I was going to buy with the points >.>
    way to make me guest then leave. the republic counsel does not approve of these actions.

    i sent you a pm worth reading.
    hey, zen said you are giving the prize, so, when can i expect the 2500 wiipoints?
    You're the one who's supposed to hand out the wii points for the Go for broke tourney right? I hate hunting this crap down and seeming like I'm desperate for them or something, but I'd like to know when I'm getting them.
    Hey can you send me your replay of squirtle gimping snake on smashville again? I might have deleted it by accident. >_>
    Wii Point Distibution
    1. dabuz(2,500)
    2. gamingblack(1,000)
    3. Blazer (500)

    If you could get the prize out to each of them that would be great.

    Also you know how to request a director title correct?
    so can you still use the chat? me and ugg decided we can both do the owner challenge from 4:30-6:30 central time tomorrow, so i told everybody to show up and take it then. you can be there right?
    I'm just dumb when it comes to math. And I can't play Brawl or use the computer (unless it's homework or something) during school days. So yeah.... >.>

    Mmkay. Lol. Still use PT? :]
    I have to take summer school, so yeah... >.>

    Orly? We need to play sometime. :mad:
    True dat.

    I wish my mom would let me go to tourney oos. NM has really small ones. People from my city are taking a road trip to Genesis and they said I could go along, but my mom would never let me go. >.>

    Good luck if you go. Don't get destroyed too bad. Texas is pretty good.
    SO TNW is your tourney account? This one is for the lulz?

    Meh. I almost lost to a Bowser though. x__x
    I would've been so sad. :[

    Oh and now that you have a "Tourney account", have you actually been to any irl tourneys?
    Good to hear. :]
    Yeah. I got 9th. :[

    I lost to a Meta Knight. >.>
    Then I lost to the person who won the tourney. >.>
    Bad luck. :[

    Orly? The avy look kinda the same, but I never would've guessed. Why'd you make an alt? And isn't that your second alt now?
    I will be working.
    I work in little less than half an hour.
    Thus I am getting ready to leave my house now :(
    if you can though try and get most of the crews done. Until one teams combatents (that are there) lose all stocks given to them. we'll finish the rest sunday hopefully. Lets try for 1 for sunday. My time isGMT -6 hourss

    and Call me Will :)
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