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  • yo veril theres something very technical i found with jiggz, id like to show u first hand b4 posting it, involves a stun effect....possible rest setup<<
    Hey Illini had a suggestion lol.
    Why dont you just combine your FF and Links thread together? No Mod powers involved and less confusing that merging..
    Why do you think I use her?!
    Drop Jigglypuff??

    I'd be happy to mentor you if you would like..
    So how did the seminar go? I ended up having a few people unexpectedly stop by. B4 I knew it there was like 8 people at my house playing smash....
    Nah, it's actually impossible for my Wii to go online with my current provider :(I've tried, and I'm seriously considering switching providers because of it
    Ok I can see most of the pros and cons with ZSS, DDD, and MK, but I am missing why you would say Pika is a good team. I can see some but nothing that really stands out as "wow pika and jiggz ftw!" Mind clarifying on that one?

    I might do the class thing. Really does make me feel a bit noobish, but hey, you need to put pride aside to get better with diff characters right? I'll get back to you on that soon. I've been sofa king sick recently. Stupid viris or whatever is all over the northeast right now. Especially at my University and ****. Lemme see if I'm up to it and I'll respond later.
    Ya I pretty much always have time for smash stuff :D If you can just hit me up on my Aim some time. I never know when people are on boards and stuff. I really want to hit my jiggz up to par to be able to bring her out more frequently in tourneys. Only time I really can is when one of my friends or some random person brings out an Ike (my favorite matchup) I'm also really thinking I want to try her out in teams like I said in that earlier post. Teamed with someone else with a great grab game would be amazing. I keep thinking Oli+jiggz would be so good. He handles on stage fighting, Jiggz takes air + off stage. Oli grab+ hold while Jiggz rest ftw. I just need a good enough Local Oli Player to try it out. It really does seem to go down really well on paper, just need to see how it does in action. Back to the point, ya hit me up on my aim any time. Even if I'm offline it goes to my phone so it's cool. It's posted on smash boards in my contact info.
    Thank you. I really like jiggz although I do get way too **** from my friends for playing as her. I def want to try the the f-air to DACUS and see how well that combos together and if I can really start catching people off guard with it. Although I must admit to not knowing much about wavelanding. Do you possibly have the time to explain it, or a helpful link to a thread you could direct me to?
    I think it was over 3 min :<

    Lol Idk, maybe your Peach is better!!

    Do you have any Jigglypuff board requests or requests from the community? Like unsticking or sticking a thread???

    *wants to use mod powers*
    Our board fails!

    *Packs clothes, food, games, Wii, and internet and moves to the Jigglypuff boards*
    LOL I cant go to Genesis! Im 15 and have no transportation!

    Thanks! ^^;

    I won favorite Peach award for the 08 Peach awards lol
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