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  • Sorry, I didn't see that you posted on my profile until now.

    Yeah, we definitely should. I was gonna have you and Garrett (maybe Kurt?)over this weekend if you were available, but he said he had work. If you're free, you may be able to come over tomorrow (Saturday), or if not, we can just play online.

    Let me know. 1-860-302-9969

    I'm gonna do a "class" on wavelanding techniques on wifi, if you're interested just respond to the thread.

    Jiggs and Olimar are a good team. Some have argued that Olimar is one of her best partners. I personally think ZSS, Pikachu, MK and DDD are all better choices, but Olimar is definitely up there.
    I basically discovered wavelanding's usefulness for jiggs and I'd be glad to explain it if you've got the time.

    I might work on my old thread on Wavelanding.
    sorry about that. I posted a better response in attempt to answer your questions/concerns about Jigglypuff.
    Nice, you actually got a 60 GB! Thats what I want, but I couldn't find one :( So I just bought a PS2. I wait till Christmas for a PS3, maybe :)

    Yeah i'll add you right away, hope to brawl you soon.
    Hey, whats up. Haven't talked to you in a long time lol
    we should brawl again soon. I've gotten a lot better since last time too
    I got a new FC btw
    I'll need to get your FC from you again too. I got a new Wii so thats why my FC's got switched on me.
    Yeah for sure i'll play you again. Just PM me when you want to and i'll try to answer as soon as I can.
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