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  • Holy Shiet!
    Hey Jared! Im doing alright. Livin in vegas and working there atm.
    Making do. Not much else really.
    That reminds me, I have to recontacting danny back after missing his call a few days ago. Thanks for that =p
    Will contact you guys if I come over to visit sometime @ the end of this year or so.
    yea I should be down for that. . . . I will let you know later round 10-11 when I get back from class
    ohhh, ok, well I guess I'll have to meet him some time then. . . see how he plays so if these crew battles happen I can maybe have some input as to what order to put him in. . . . unless Idont have a say =(
    yeah. . . the problem is I cant be in the same crew with someone whose identity I dont know. . . . who is this nick guy?
    lol, I feel like I should know who he is, it's just left me at the moment
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