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  • Sure I'll change it for you lol

    And actually, I think you were almost removed lol
    But we got lazy and didn't dq anyone haha
    Sure thing. Let's see if I've got it memorized by now...
    ****, so close. It's 4511-0152-2501.

    I'm trying to speed the tourney along, but it's just inherently slow for a tournament to take place on Serebii. The next one is a clash of the best fighters in the Nintendo and Brawl clubs, and since that will most likely consist of only active members, it should move quickly. Whether we run a normal tournament simultaneously has yet to be decided, but if it's another 32-person deal, I'm not running it. It's been months since round two started and it's not finished yet. Fortunately, we lose a number of them at the end of this round. Double-elimination is a pain in the *** and should only happen when a cash prize is on the line, I swear to God.

    EDIT: you'd be best contacting me on AIM or MSN if at all possible, and failing that, Serebii. Both Messenger names should be on my profile page.
    Yeah good games. Although i would of never done so well against your r.o.b since i could see some mistakes by lag that you did.
    Yeah we will play mario kart wii next i need some practice for this small online tourney coming on soon anyway. So i will make the room cya online.
    Sorry dad wanted computer for a few minutes anyway i will be heading online now so cya online.
    Thanks for the invite, I was trying to track down anybody I could recognize. Don't sign on here often, but collecting as many familiar "faces" as I can might help.
    ok Saturday on mario kart. I can't this saturday since i'm doing this online tournament which starts at 5:30 my time so maybe 2:00 my time or somthing? We will arrange a time and we will just hop on mario kart wii. Make sure you add me and i will add you which i already have i think.
    It's ok. I came on then you wern't online and i played some brawl then had to go to cousins house.
    Tommorow we shall mario kart wii maybe during the evening here since i have to go shops first. I will come back once i get a computer and photoshop in my room so i can open up a banner shop. So maybe april - december somewhere between there i will be active again.
    Actually can i change the day to sunday? Also is this for mario kart wii or brawl? Since saturday painter is coming and doing some final touch ups so i might not be able to.
    Ok i can't go on my wii until friday or saturday since painters are painting the house. Also when i come back i will probally have over 9000 visitor messages.
    Ok i am adding you on mario kart wii right now sorry for the long time just was busy when new year was coming.
    Brawl FC: 5327-2370-9889

    Mario Kart Wii FC: 1633-4528-7939

    Do you want to brawl or mario kart wii??

    Your online now can you brawl or mario kart wii? First i might brawl another person since he is on msn testing his connection if his connection fails then i will get back to you.
    I forget things quick and i forgot who you are on sppf lol. But i will mario kart and brawl you anytime try find me when i'm online here or just add me on msn.
    Yeah. I had a serebii account. It was my first forum, actually. I've hated the place for a while now, though; after most of the battle mountain folk got banned, the place pretty much sucked. I don't even play pokemon anymore. The luck in the game was already annoying enough in adv, but then DP's brokenness just ruined it for me.
    You mean like in that thread? I thought that usually games go under the games thread (in which posts don't count towards postcount) :/
    lol Yeah XD And I managed to subscribe to a thread (in which I'm the only female posting in it) that involves looking for brawls using Link only...the title says "King of Wi-fi: Link Challenge Board" XD
    Oh shoot nvm...forget I asked lol XD I just realized you're still a member after checking the list...but if you can't get online through pokemaniac10 then yeah when you try to join in as a new user, I can let them know you're still you ^^
    Hmmm I didn't actually notice that :/ But anyway when you get back on Serebii, care to join the Brawl club?
    The only thing brawl-related that's alive in the forums right now is the social group and the Brawl club. And Sogeking got banned? o.O
    The SSB4 thread got closed down by Kirby...apparently off-topicness occurred in the thread and soooo yeah. After that a few other users tried to remake the topic but they've still closed down :/
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