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  • The tourney fee is $10. It's for the pot. You know, the thing that GIVES the top 3 money? The door fee is $5, because it pays for the store (they have to make some money off of this). So yes, you have to pay both (you'll probably pay door fee only to play friendlies though, right)?

    Since you have to pay door fee regardless, yes, you can stay there until 3 AM while I sleep feeling like I have a hangover. xD

    Do Olimar as a secondary; I want to fight some good Olimar users. =)
    Sorry for asking twice, but M.m said the tournament fee is 5£. i thought the door fee was 5£. so like wats the point? 0_- if you pay 5£ for tournament, do you have to pay for the door fee als0? n if u pay for the tournament fee, can you still stay till 3:00am? ,,, thnxs XD

    btw im deciding,, toon link, MK, Olimar to be my secondary main,, its hard,,
    You bring it to help out. More set-ups means the tourney will go more smoothly, and if there's a surplus, there's more room to play friendlies.

    You don't have to, but if all you're going to do is friendlies, then you might as well bring an extra TV to ensure we can play friendlies all day long.

    Oh, and you'll have to pay 10 more dollars to get in the singles tourney. It's for the pot, because you know, getting a pat on the back only for winning kinda sucks. All the money in the pot goes to the top three finishers, and the door fee helps out the store that's hosting.

    There's also doubles, but I probably won't do doubles. Unless rich Lv.99 pays my fee. =P
    i still dont get it. if you r paying £ to play, y bring ur own wii n tv? ps. on tournament, u pay 5£ and get to play till 3 Am and still get in tha tourn3y?
    okay, let's see if I can decrypt your cryptic messages:

    Meta Marth will be coming, and you might. Also, it's $5 on tourney day to get in and you can play in there for the WHOLE day (2:00 PM - 3:00 AM). You can leave whenever though, I won't be staying there until 3 in the morning, that's for sure).

    Bring a small TV if you must. Just make sure it has no lag, lol. It's actually preferable if you bring a small one since you'll have to take it home too.
    ps.us 0_o; *Ps. i dont think i can bring a 48 in tv, but i do have a small *** tv.us *sign*
    Wth,, i thought u pay 5£ n play 4 hr, u gotta bring stuff? vull****`, meta marth is going waba tournament
    No, I'm not joking.

    At least bring a TV? I'll tell Lv.99 to bring his Wii along too then (I always bring mine).

    Just put nametags on your stuff. No one bothers to steal stuff there. At worst they might want to steal a burrito you order to-go, but that's it.
    Just pay $5 to get in for friendlies. It's $10 full day on a non-tourney day anyway.

    Bring a TV and Wii so we can use it for just friendlies, lol.
    July 19th, 4:00 PM.

    It might change to 26th since a lot of regulars are going to FAST1. I'll tell you if it does change, or you can check back at the thread as July 19th nears.
    Actually it will be kinda worst, unless of course we get the same ISP.

    So yeah, come to Waba. If you don't want to do tourneys, just pay $5 and you can do friendlies there/play whatever there all day (from Tekken, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, whatever else they have there). They open until 3 AM on Saturdays.

    Also, I'm not paying $20-30 a month just to get half-decent Wi-Fi. xD I'm good just waiting to see you in real life and we can face off then.

    GO TO WABA!!!
    lol, sure, but wifi is still same thing since we live in GA,Buford. so.. waba=wifi

    BTW I HATE P n T LAGGGG.. >.>
    If you own me on Wi-Fi, it's a john.

    If you own me at Play N Trade, it's a john.

    If you own me at Waba, then you're really good. =)

    You beating me is only legit if it's on a lagless TV. Besides, I suck downright if there's ANY lag. I phail, lolkay?
    Sorry, I was going to tell you this there, but my friend needed to buy a new official GCN controller at GameStop, and I needed to get some free Pogaymanz. The clerk held us up for a while, which is why we got to PnT late.

    I placed like 5-7th, somewhere around there. Marth does really bad in the HDTV lag, and I kinda lost hope playing as him and winning at PnT tourneys. I'll probably switch to Toon Link instead for those.

    You have a weird button set-up according to Lv.99.
    ,,yo,, i just called pnt, they said u need to reserve a spot for ta tournament,, or its 10 dollars,, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo btw, be there by 1:00, so we can 1v1, is lvl99 coming ?
    Okay, when you see me, just greet me by addressing me as "VietG." You know, because chances are I forgot what you look like (the last PnT tourney was like a blurb, lol).
    um,, no, i was watchin, i was that asian dude, just standing there doing nothing,, Emo Ftw
    If you don't reserve what? What is there to reserve?

    Sorry, I don't go to Play N Trade to buy stuff, just tourneys so I'm clueless to what you mean.

    If you mean: If I fork over a used game, will it be free? I'm guessing yes since I've seen that policy used before on the PnT tournament page.
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