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  • Hey, do you need any volunteers to help with BAM 7? New to the smash scene but I'd be happy to help
    Logistical style stuff will be sorted much closer to date, right now there's not much I need help with. Help is always needed at the monthly tournaments so make sure you stay peeled for those.
    I'm sorry to be late for sending you a msg.
    I tried to reply, but I lost your msg on FB.

    about the australian tournament, I can't go because of starting to work :(
    It was so nice of you to send me a msg.
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    Thank you for your reply, and good luck with work and all future smash!

    Red yoshi all the way (8
    Yo redact, I have been try to learn falco and seeing how you play falco what are the techniques that falco needs (not things like wavedashing and l cancelling though)
    hey man fancy playin a bit on friday nite and see if tom wants to come down too? Just gunna ditch my housemate for the nite they probs wont be drinkin till after 10ish anyway so should be alrite for a few hours
    ill be uploading the files after PoO, but maybe get them off me this weekend at my place if i dont have them up by then
    are you gonna upload from the CW on the 7th? i'm after the bracket matches i had with Haik(blabla-can't-remember-it). or if possible could i grab the files off you?
    well I dont get what your saying OR what I'm saying.

    like, I think the confusion is because the term counterpicking is being used in different ways... do you mean...

    A: cp's as in stages that go under the heading cps (as opposed to neutrals and banned) and your saying that those levels should get moved to neutrals and thus have the option of being played in the first match if you and your opponent suck at stage striking?

    B: levels that you actually counterpick in the tradtional sense of the word, meaning after you lose a match you pcik them, but in this case your saying that doesnt happen and you start strike after every match?

    C: you can only counterpick stages that are 'neutral' after you lose a match

    D: lukes a ****** and has no idea what hes talking about?
    I dont even get what youre saying. Picks for counter picking? make sense please.
    ahh ok, but thats only regarding the starting pick and not the actual picks for counterpicking?

    I are confuse

    also who posts replys on their own wall, what a scrub
    Well i mean more so that all cps get moved into neutral then stage strike system is used to ban bad stages.

    Not super conservative, just a 7/9 stage strike system
    so for acl, when you say you only want neutrals, you mean that both starters AND counterpick stages should only ever be any stage that can feasably be a starter/neutral yeah?
    so super conservative?

    I'm new and I was wondering....could you verse me in a friend match? It's just that I'm bored (and not very good, but I'm excellent at dodging) so I was really hoping that I could verse somone?
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