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  • I just had a ton of stuff to do, attending meetings, studying, finding professors for my school apps and it just all put a ton of stress on me.

    I hate school so much right now :<

    Good to see you back here though :)
    Sorry I didnt get back to you when you IMed me.

    I had an awful day yesterday and I went to bed as soon as I got home :<
    Was the apex set recorded where you beat hbox? (We don't know each other but I'm a fellow sheik player!)
    My bair or peaches bair?
    Because hers wins and mine loses. The knockback at earlier percents is so little that she can crouch cancel both and hit me with a dsmash, and usually I'm fast falling bairs so she can often catch me DIing down on the Dsmash
    How do I fight peach?
    I main Luigi, and it seems that all of my approach options get punished. The worst part is that she forces me to approach with her stupid goddamn turnips. I can never win in fireball vs. Turnip either.
    My full length wavedash SOMETIMES catches her off guard, but if I WD in and jab her shield, she nairs me out of sheild before I can do anything, and it always outprioritizes another jab or the rest of the jab combo. If I short hop Fair against any other characters shield, I can waveland away before I'm in sheild grab range, or I can just space it correctly, but for some reason peaches downsmash ****s me up before I land. It catches me mid air. If I actually do get a grab in, my only decent option is to down throw, but peach can di MUCH out of the range of anything I can do. If I try to wavedash Dsmash or anything of the sort, she always nairs me and it always wins.
    wat do
    Alright thanks. I am pretty happy with maining Marth but I wanted to maybe dive into Sheik a little further. Im gonna try and think and not auto-pilot Sheik. I feel that I have a pretty good philosophy with tech chasing. If I ever get vids up I'll send ya if interested. Thanks again.
    Learn Yugioh and play with me. That way i can record it and upload it on my yugioh youtube channel and earn more subs so i can get a youtube partnership.
    Ah, such is life. Good news is Macho City is a monthly affair and that Detroit gays are pretty awesome compared to most major cities'. So the next time you come down to a big MI tourney...(lol) <3

    P.S. I had no idea you were so damn cute :p
    I tried to catch you on my way out (at like 8) to tell you but I think you didn't hear me because you were doing commentary or something. I gave you back your movie theatre glasses, even though I wanted to steal them to complete my own Halloween costume (a scruffy hipster not going as anything this year because he's over it).
    Hey, if you're still going to be at the Ann Arbor tourney, thought I would just let you know that I'm going to a gay Halloween dance party in Detroit afterward. It seems only hospitable to invite you (and whoever else) along, if you have access to a car. Seeing as it's called Macho City, I thought it might be up your alley :p
    Ok thanks a lot, and yes I know you don't know Brawl much, just trying to get a Melee perspective. Pit is around mid tier on the tier list in US, top 5 in Japan, but I really feel he's low high tier from playing him more & more. How important is knowing frame data and whatnot?
    Hey bro, I been reading a lot of your posts on the Melee discussion threads. You seem to have a lot of wisdom w/ this game...what kinds of things would you work on say if someone is trying to become a top player...is it even possible for everyone even w/ hard work, dedication, and drive? I'm really trying to become a top Brawl Pit main, and yes I know that he has some flaws and know that it will take more work to become good w/ him, but what would you work on? How should I develop my reading abilities to a higher level? How can I get my game more conscious so I'm aware of what decisions I'm making? Anything else you want to add? Also, if this is too much, you can just PM me back!

    Thanks bro,
    Your posting in the sheik qna reminds me of the days I wanted to be good in this game.

    How do you know so much about Peach? Don't you play Zelda's cross-dressing alter-ego?

    But seriously <3
    Only wanted to talk to you about how, People in china hate us, because everyone else talks out their a**es just too much sometimes
    lmfao. i came to ur profile to see ur sig. but ur profile pic knocked me out.

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