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  • hey man i noticed on the MLG thread that you played MSC before. If you have any interest in playing it again, feel free to hmu
    Good times. I remember your name from the mkds boards at the old NSider forums. I used to play too. I'm sure you remember people like Zippie and Husky217
    Thank you very much, will check it out ^^

    Keep me posted on any danish tournaments in the future please ;)
    Ah i c, hehe =P Yes im currently in Århus.

    I will try to join a tournament in Copenhagen if i find the time :) I think Malmø will be a bit too far for me hehe :p
    Thanks for giving me some info about smashers in Århus.

    Is the smash scene in Denmark very active? And are there many smashers?

    btw, Is there any Dansih Street fighter (IV) site where i can see upcoming toruaments etc? I play SSFIV mostly when i get time ^-^

    Thanks in advance!
    I did, but I didn't have time to reply for personal reasons. I'll be more than happy to friendly you a ton, if you introduce me to the other Europeans =P

    Like I said, I just think it's cool that I actually get to meet you, since I feel like I've known you for over 6 years in a way because of the old NSider forums.
    Hey, bro. Wanna money match/friendly a ton at pound4? I feel like I knew you for a while due to Stadium play so i think it's cool that I'm getting to meet you.

    ~ This is Dark Hart btw
    Mit premium-medlemsskab er udløbet. Der går nok lige nogle dage/en uge, før dit navn bliver gult igen :p
    "Serpit still plays? I thought he stopped ages ago"

    He started playing again around 3 months ago. He got really good again.

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