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  • Hey, sorry i've been busy lately, but thanks for keeping me posted! I appreciate it =)

    also, damn, the date is very bad for me actually =( I know for a fact that my exams will be very close (if not the exact dates) to those dates :( But i'll see what i can do, and i'll tell you if i will be coming or not :)
    I understand. Thank you for the info ^^

    Do youknow how much (approximately) it will cost for me to take the train to Copenhagen central station? From the central station here (don't know what it is called. But it's the one in the city center in Århus)
    Ah, i c. Well thanks for the info! Looking forward to this, i'll plan my schedule so i can make it to this :)

    Will there be a tournament for the smash event as well? Do you think it will be possible for me to borrow a controller over there as i don't have one?

    Good to know one can sleep at the venue, i'll prolly to that then.

    Also, do u know how long it will take from Århus N to Copenhagen (where the event is).

    What transport would be best for me to take?

    Sorry for all these questions, im just curious ^^;

    Thanks in advance! Appreciate it!
    Hmm, seems interesting! :) Could u give me the site where i can find more information about that tournament? Also, since I have to go from Århus, is it possible to be housed for one dya or something? And how long (many days) is the event ?

    Thank you for you telling me ^-^
    You must like Paper Mario if you have it's Bowser as an avatar.

    Anyway, for some reason I like it.
    You have any tips for a Meta Knight mainer who wants to have Bowser as his secondary?
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