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  • Was just reading your thread from the other day and remembered with fondness our Brawl sets at both BAM tournaments. I guess you're still here to stay, and being here for only half the time means I wouldn't truly have the same perspective, but I seem to recall (perhaps incorrectly, but still) that we were having a lot of fun at the time...
    you were telling me about how you always tried to play a Melee Marth and I was laughing whilst still secretly freaking out that I might lose even whilst you weren't abusing the CG. You're a great guy, and we all really appreciate you. Remember that. :D
    Hey Dekar. If you organise another "Don't Get" tourney I have a possible suggestion for a name. The tourney could be called "Don't Get SurPr15ed" and possible sequel "Don't Get Shocked". What do you think?
    i think i will almost certainly call the next one 'don't get surprised'
    great idea :D
    Dekar, would Miles allow a small P:M bracket to be ran as a side event at the event?
    Also, how many can he house because I might look at staying somewhere close by if not there.
    idk the exact number he can house, but interstaters would get first priority. if it really does fill up, i'm sure other melb smashers would house ya;)
    pretty sure some sort of project m tourney will happen
    Hey Dekar. Suppose the tourney was after the 15th of January and I could go. Should I bring another 64 console setup with 3 64 controllers for friendlies?
    Hey Dekar. Congrats on winning. I was just wanting to ask whether you won anything with my raffle ticket at Shadowloo Showdown.
    sadly the ticket didn't win anything. IIRC it was B 31 and the closest you came was B 16 :(
    Hey Dekar. How are you getting to the HQ on Saturday. Is anyone giving you a lift. If it is too much trouble for the person to give me a lift as well do you know anyone who lives in Boronia or near Boronia that will be able to give me a lift.
    Hey Deks. When are you free because I want to train with you if that is possible. If you are holding a meet at your place I can definitely be there. I hope its not too much trouble.
    Hey Dekar. When can we expect Don't get hyped 2. I was also thinking that it would be good training for Shadowloo Showdown.
    the current setup at shadowloo HQ is so great for melbourne smash tournaments, if there's another "don't get" event it'll be there, not in boronia

    i'd wait for a few weeks after evo cools down for planning and announcements though haha
    Aww. But I live in Boronia. At least let there be something in Boronia.
    Hi Dekar. Really excited for Don't get hyped 2. Please promise to keep the community posted. Can't wait to verse you. :). Thank you for being such an awesome guy and person in general.
    Hi Dekar,
    Just wanted to say hi and am looking forward to another Boronia tournament soon.
    Hi Dekar,
    I'm just wondering when you are going to host another tournament in Boronia. By the way, I feel very honored talking to an Australian smash legend. Glad to see that there is still some people in the community who appreciate Smash Bros. and that the scene is emerging and growing bigger.
    I think I played you in LoL the other day where you were Jungling Alistar.
    Oi.....you and Redact are coming right? Your email/seemed so serious I almost died.

    If you don't show up to the tourney, how is is supposed to be epic, and how am I supposed to run Melee (properly) without Redact (actually I could just run it myself, but I'd rather give two Meee players shared control).
    The moral of the story is, don't scare me into thinking you're not coming.
    Jyyyyust remember....... I'm half Turkish bro....you know what that means.
    You no show..... and I'll go to Reloaded, I'll walk in wid a backback, get a group photo, and BANGFARKINGFANG THEY'RE ALL DEAD ULEH PRAISE ALLAH.

    ^_^ Yeah **** my stupdness.
    Pretty sure you were just joking and lost the email or something.
    Anyway, are you still takin' the later flight (with Tibs 'n' Attila back). It'd be wise imo. You'd be the last 3, but Ted and ZXV stay overnight on Sunday as well as you 3 VIC guys and their flight is like lunch).

    I'm so not cut out for this TO shiz, maybe not for the biggest major Adelaide has ever had, with almost no help, fark this state sometimes.
    I can't remember if I told you or not (drug johns), but you have two options on when you leave Adelaide.

    Either Early Sun (with Redact), or Late Mon (with Attila & Tibs)
    I have both flights still there, so you're free to pick whatever.
    Dekar man. Keep up your posts in the SA threads and you might become one of us D=

    You'll still be awesome though.
    we'll both be dead in less than 100 years, which although is far too long, we can look forward to the fact that in heaven there is no south australia
    Funny that, pwnsweet is currently playing through that now. I've been meaning to play it for ages cus I liked the first one.
    Hi Dekar!

    You Know the 4v4 Crew thing Cao is hosting, Don't Come Two?
    Would you like to be on the team (for Brawl) of Myself, Afropony and Ledge?

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